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Oakley – Frogskins

Maybe a little flashy, but I like the bright green and orange tortise on these Frogskins.

The Working Proof: Jonathan Brierley – Wilderness New York

New print release: this week the Working Proof is teaming up with New York artist Jonathan Brierley to bring you his photograph Wilderness New York to benefit Bowery Mission. I have a personal connection to this photograph, I was visiting the city when the storm Nemo hit and it truly was hauntingly beautiful.

This particular view onto the park was quite unique on that day. It’s hard to look in any direction in the park and not see at least a portion of the city skyline poking through the trees, but today was different. The snow acted like a kind of shield on the park, creating an almost perfect feeling of an isolated wilderness. This shot aims to convey that wilderness and a sense of knowing curiosity for any New Yorker familiar with the busier views of Central Park.

I loved reading Jonathan’s interview and description of his experience in the park after the storm hit. Jonathan has chosen to pair with Bowery Mission because their work in New York is inspiring and something that immediately comes to mind when thinking back to the storm.

This print is available in multiple sizes. It was digitally signed by the artist. The 8×10 and 11×14 prints are numbered by The Working Proof. Learn more here. Read our interview with Jonathan Brierley here. You can buy the print here.

print image


Florentijn Hofman – Rubber Duck

The Rubber Duck is floating on to Hong Kong. Check out it’s last visit to Osaka in the video below.

Marshmallow Laser Feast

Amazing lightpainting from Marshmallow Laser Feast. Video below shows more of their work and their creative process.

Canadian Polymer $5 Note

Weird but wonderful new $5 Canadian note.

Pretty interesting security features detailed in the second half of the video:

Swatch – Still Alive

Still Alive gent by Swatch.

Nathan Fox – Stay Tuned! Postcard Book

One of my favorite artists, Nathan Fox has a postcard book out, titled Stay Tuned!. Amazing work.

LDC – Helsinki Silo 468

Lighting Design Collective created Silo 468 for the city of Helsinki, a sort of reverse zoetrope where you sit in the cylinder and the animation whirls around you.

via URdesign

House Industries – Factory Blocks

Factory Blocks by House Industries.

Brevity – Custom Signature Necklaces

I’m happy to share a brand new custom line through Brevity: the Signature necklace – a custom necklace that is as personal as it gets.

Your signature is unique – it is a symbol of your identity and is the mark that you use to represent yourself to the world. It is one of the most personal things about a person – the distillation of a one-of-a-kind personality into a mark that was developed over the course of a life. Whether you choose to wear your own John Hancock or honor a loved one by wearing theirs, our Signature necklace is as personal as it gets.

The Signature necklace is available in stainless steel (on sterling silver chain) for $195, in silver dipped (on sterling silver chain) for $225, and in gold dipped (on gold-filled chain) for $295. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away a Signature necklace! Find out the details here and enter to win on our Facebook page.