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Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V looks pretty intense. I’ve only played 1-3. 4 looked way too complicated. And now is even more incredible than the last.

The Working Proof: Azul De Corso – Bellina Garden

New print release: this week we are bringing you a beautiful floral print, Bellina Garden, by artist Azul De Corso to benefit the Pablove Foundation. I love how the tiny images of flowers and greenery come together to form what feels like an abstract geometric pattern. I go back and forth between being more interested in the tiny floral components, or the overall image of pattern and color.

Illustration is part of a constant artistic search to merge drawing with technological tools, to explore and reinvent reality by creating spaces close to nature and full of feelings. Azul tries to awaken worlds within the viewer, using the repetition of shapes and colors as the trigger within the work.

Azul has chosen to pair with the Pablove Foundation because of her own small children and her empathy for the suffering of a family with a sick child.

This print is available in multiple sizes. It was digitally signed by the artist. The 8×10 and 11×14 prints are numbered by The Working Proof, and the 16×24, 24×30, and 30×40 prints come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Learn more here. Read our interview with Azul De Corso here. You can buy the print here.

print image


USPS – Bonsai Stamps

Bonsai Stamps from the USPS. I like the tall ‘Bonsai’ text and the little red USA’s.


It’s not often you see a intra-terrestrial program at NASA, but the GROVER is just that – a remote and autonomous’satellite’ that surveys environmental data on Greenland. While not as glamorous as its space or Mars-bound relatives, it has a certain purpose-built charm to it.

The Butterfly Effect – Tattly

The Butterfly Effect by Matt(H)Booth. Best of all, it’s a Tattly.


These Revolights are getting a lot of press lately, not to mention exceeding their Kickstarer campaign by almost 6x. They probably wouldn’t last long locked up to a bike rack here in the city, but if you keep your bike in the garage, these would be awesome.

Montana – Refillable Acrylic Paint Pens

I was in an art store and I came across something I have never seen before: Montana refillable acrylic paint pens. I know the enamel paint pens have been around forever, but now they make acrylic-based ones for fine art. And you get to mix your own colors.

The Liberator – Proof of Concept

In a frightening story, Forbes details how the first 3d printed gun can change gun control and limiting new technologies, specifically 3d printing and distribution of shape files.

Elastic Park Dinosaurs

There are a whole lot of balloons in the Elastic Park Acrocanthosaurus by the Airigami team.

Nike – Studio Wrap Pack

Nike Studio Wrap Pack. A little insight in the video:

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