a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

Gift Guide – Paper Goods: D-Bros

Again, my favorite D-Bros, with their playful Tale Tail note book. The center page has an illustration of a horse, which you can glimpse through semi-transparent writing pages. The place holder mimics a horses tail – cuteness.

Gift Guide – Paper Goods: Ordning & Reda

Ordning & Reda is the paper goods branch of Bodum. They have a huge selection of planners and diaries available for 2007. The journals are available in a range of colors and fabric or leather and are designed with the same simplicity as the Bodum glassware and kitchenware.

Gift Guide – Paper Goods: The Kenspeckle Letterpress

The Kenspeckle Letterpress makes a wide range of beautiful prints and notecards. Shown are the Dancing Loon (left) and the Two Chickadees (right).

Gift Guide – Paper Goods: Sesame Letterpress

Lovely coasters from Brooklyn-based Sesame Letterpress. Each coaster is hand-pressed on heavyweight, absorbent beverage board with a rubber-based ink that won’t run. Available for $10 from Elsewares.

Gift Guide – Paper Goods: Nava Design

For any of your friends who keep journals, here is “one year of white pages” – a collection of moleskine-esque journals from Nava Design in Italy. There are twelve books in total, with 80 pages per journal. A hole is punched out of the edge for each month. $35 from Rare Device.

Gift Guide – Glassware: D-Bros

At $115 per pair, these are pretty pricey considering they are just drinking glasses, but they are so cute that I couldn’t resist. “Live Together” glasses, designed by D-Bros.

Gift Guide – Glassware: Rikke Hagen

I don’t drink cognac, but I like the hand-blown “Wobble” glass, designed by Rikke Hagen. It’s like a top! The Moma store (who knows about cognac drinking better than I) says that “the glass was designed with bouquet, temperature, and volume in mind. The graceful wobble shape of the glass increases the pleasure, deep color, and movement of the liquid.” And for a set of two for $50, that sounds good to me!

Gift Guide – Glassware: Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden

The Transglass Bottle Collection is a beautiful assembly of jugs, tumblers, carafes and other vessels made of entirely recycled beer and wine bottles. Each piece is unique and comes in multiple colors, with either a polished or sandblasted finish. Designed by Tord Boontje and artist Emma Woffenden and produced by Artecnica, the vessels are handmade by artisans in Guatemala, and are available for $32 each.

Gift Guide – Glassware: Bodum

These Bodum double wall glasses are one of my favorite purchases from this year. Made from a heat-resistant glass, the double wall system allows you to pour both very hot and very cold liquids into the glass, while still holding it comfortably in your hand. Priced at $14.95 for two glasses, they are an inexpensive addition to your drinkware. The sake glasses are $24.95 for six, and while you’re at it, you might as well get the teapot, too.

Gift Guide – Glassware: Riedel & Crate and Barrel

Riedel, the Austrian crystalware company, is the originator of the idea that different wines should have different glass shapes in order to emphasize the qualities of each wine variety. If you were so inclined, you could amass a wine glass quiver of some 30 different shapes.

However, these glasses would only be needed for those special occasions when the wine you are drinking is of a supremely high quality. And since we enjoy wine on a regular basis and simply cannot afford a $500 bottle, we enjoy the European method for wine glasses: use whatever is around and enjoy the wine, fool!

These stemless glasses from Crate and Barrel do just that. No pretense, just a simple shape and a heavy base. And at $2.00 each, they are quite a bargain.