a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

Hable Construction

One of the companies I was introduced to yesterday at the Biz meetup: Hable Construction is a sister-run business (Katharine & Susan). They make just about everything that uses fabric…I especially like the apron line. Very clean, graphic designs. Besides at their online store, you can check out their work in person at their new york store in the west village.

Betty Bora Kim

Check out the beautiful work of my dear friend and artist Betty Bora Kim…Her work is a mix of collage and illustration that is often architecturally influenced. Betty is also a master link finder and she just started a blog, which I’m sure I will be referring to for posts regularly! Check it out!

Biz Ladies Meetup

Many thanks to Grace of Design*Sponge for organizing the Biz Ladies Meetup last night. It was a great evening with over 80 women gathering to discuss design and business. I met lots of lovely ladies and am looking forward to the next meet up!

Illuminated Scripts

The Mira calligraphiae monumenta, illuminated by Joris Hoefnagel, is an amazing example of a master guide to calligraphy. The text is beautifully inscribed and illuminated with flora and fauna like the sloth, shown above. The small scale reproduction is available from The Bookstore at the Getty.

Imaginary Friends

Sumana sent over a link to Imaginary Friends’ beautiful new animal-themed Rare Beauty card series. I love the knysna seahorse and the panamanian golden frog. Each card is hand-silkscreened.

Gift Guide – Kitchen: Bodum & Sigg

Coffee is a semi-essential now. We only drink good coffee on the weekends, when we have the time to make it right. Beans from down the street Porto Rico on St. Marks. And we still love Gimme! (ithaca!). The Bodum Chambord Press is our favorite coffee maker thing. The Sigg Metro Mug makes it good to go.

Gift Guide – Kitchen: Inleaf

Beautiful textiles from Inleaf. The Geranium Cocktail Napkins are $40 and come in five different color combinations. The Fig Towel is $26.

Gift Guide – Kitchen: Ineke Hans

I hate cooking with garlic (not that I cook much) because of how the smell gets all over your hands. Ineke Hans’ Garlic Crusher will easily crush your garlic and will keep your hands smelling nice – the 18/0 stainless steel removes the smell from your hands. $20.

Gift Guide – Kitchen: Carlo Contin

I love the Satellite Bowl by Carlo Contin. It makes a beautiful fruit bowl, and being that I live in a tiny New York City apartment, I love that you can twist it to flatten it if you need to save space. $45 from the MOMA store.

Gift Guide – Kids’ Toys: Dino Dig

The I DIG Dinosaurs Excavation Kit is exactly what it sounds like. You get to excavate a full T-Rex (among others) fossil from the rock and reassemble it. Every kid loves dinosaurs, digging around in stuff, and model building. This toy combines every little boy’s favorite activities. Available from Amazon.com for $17.49 ea.