a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

ICFF – Palo Samko

Palo Samko’s work was gorgeous in person. The pieces have playful details and are extremely well crafted.

ICFF – Toy Design

b O bles are a series of foam toys that are shaped to have multiple uses and act as toys of exploration and imagination.

A translation of the rocking horse. The Rockingsheep (right), may or may not be made of real sheep skin. Kind of creepy if it is! Desgined by Povl Kjaer.

ICFF – Anne Black

It was great to see Danish designer Anne Black’s work at ICFF. Her porcelain pieces are so delicate and beautiful. By placing the graphic on the inside of the ceramic ware rather than on the exterior in her Black is Blue collection, she takes a modern spin on a traditional medium.

ICFF – Perch

The fixtures from Perch all have that handmade ceramic quality because they are indeed handmade and ceramic. Amy Adams designs and crafts all of the objects in the collection. I really like the muted colors and the deep glaze finish of the ceramic.

ICFF – Thout

Thout’s work is full of clever surprises and solutions for compact living. The HoleySTUMP is a reclaimed cedar stump with holes bored into it, conveniently sized so as to store a beer or a soda can, if desired. Thout has also developed a series of UtiliTILES, a modular wall tile system that is programmed for specific functions – to hold a piece of fruit, a cup, a fork, etc.

ICFF – Lattice Platter and Pegster Poster

The Lattice Platter by Chris Metcalfe (left) and Pegster by Peter Collis (right) are two examples of positioning the user as the maker of the object. The platter comes flat-packed and laser-cut and is assembled by the end-user. And the pegboard poster re-forms itself based on the user input.

ICFF – Progetti

Clocks are another hard find for me…I really love Progetti’s line of clocks – they are fun and playful without being cheesy like so many are. The first two were designed by Alberto Sala, and the right-most one by Ilya Titov.

ICFF – Artecnica

I’m a big fan of Tord Boontje and Artecnica, and was not disappointed by their booth at ICFF. I appreciate how they give discarded materials a new purpose, and make something super cool while they are at it.

Stoked Sessions Two – Zoo York x Giant x Stoked

Stoked Mentoring is a NYC/LA 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that I really believe in and actively promote among my friends and community. They use skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing as mentoring tools for at-risk youth here in nyc and in la. By combining a stellar mentoring program with a boardsport-based curriculum (for both mentor and mentee) to teach self-awareness and community building, Stoked is at the forefront of this non-conventional mentoring approach. I have been serving on their advisory board since last year and I am excited to see where we go this year.

On June 6th at Pink Elephant, Zoo York will hold a fundraiser and release a limited edition board and t-shirt designed by Mike Giant to benefit the Stoked Mentoring 2007 season. If you are in NYC, I urge you to contribute and help us expand our programs and outreach.

Tickets are $40/advance and $50/door. Purchase tickets for the fundraiser here.

If you are interested in volunteering or contributing in ANY way, whether you want to be a mentor, teach surfing or have other contacts that you think can help our organization, please contact info(at)stokedmentoring.org.

ICFF – Lighting Finale

Finally, some old favorites (clockwise from top left): Holger Strøm’s IQ light, Bocci, and dform.