a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

Art With Function

This isn’t normally my style, but there is something about Art With Function’s furniture that I like. The pieces remind me of an illustration in a children’s book – very playful and imaginative. Better yet, the furniture is made of discarded pieces of raw material.

Marimekko Umbrellas

In light of the huge rainstorm that soaked the city last night and today, I thought I would share a few nice umbrellas by Marimekko. Be sure you have a nice one before the next big storm, it may brighten your day a little bit. Left to Right: Unikko, Kiku, Ruusupuu.

Michelle Brand

I love it when people rethink the way an object is used, especially when that use gives the object a second life. Michelle Brand has created a ‘fabric’ made of the bases of plastic bottles. Each bottle is cut, sanded, and assembled into the tapestry. Beautiful!

Abyssal – Magenta

To celebrate having almost sold out our first edition of Abyssal prints, Sean and I printed up a limited edition in a new colorway – magenta and tangerine. It’s currently only available at our Etsy shop, but will also be for sale at our booth at the Renegade Craft Fair on June 16-17 (booth 81! Hope all you new yorkers will stop by!).

Also, we started a blog that is dedicated to our design work and the things that inspire it, called submerge. We hope you will check it out!

Nekko Vase by &Design

Nekko Vase, designed by &Design, is a vase form derived from the object it contains. &Design calls this process “characterized design”. I think it’s a great iconic vase.

The Nekko Vase can be found at Audiocubes.com


Here’s some more felt for you. The Shroom Light by MIO is very nice looking, though it would be great if the cord weren’t so visible. I like the fixture best when it is in the company of others.

Josh Jakus

Josh Jakus is a California-based architect-turned-designer. He works with industrial wool felt, which he aquires via factory excess. The Eggflat is a study in folding, and can be used for many purposes, though my favorite is as a fruit bowl. The Um Tote is a very cool bag that is created from a single piece of fabric which finds its structure through its zipper.

95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit

If you don’t know the pleasure of fly fishing with a bamboo rod, you’re missing out on one of the most serene and natural joys in the world. Flyfishing is all about the romance of nature and using a fiberglass rod doesn’t fit right (and they cast like a sack of bricks). In contrast, the flexibility of bamboo translates each flick of the wrist down the length of the rod as if it were a true extension of your body.

Only 25 of the The 95th Anniversary Double L Fly Outfit by LL Bean will be produced. Made by hand by master rod maker Gary Lacey of Granger Bamboo, each one of the $3,000 kits is pretty special.


Inleaf just launched a great new line of bags. The smoky graphics really appeal to me. Inleaf continues to make a conscious effort to use natural, organic and vintage materials in their designs.

Space Jockeys – Wallpaper Project

Wallpaper, a project setup by the Space Jockeys is an open call for graphics entries to build an open community of artists and influences, no matter how small or how big.

“The concept was inspired by an after-party doodling session, with six of us simultaneously drawing on the same pad,” explained one half of The Space Jockeys Alex Cicciu. “We then decided to take it online in the form of Wallpaper.”

Sounds like a highly developed giant online game of exquisite corpse . Join up and get contributing.