a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

Victorinox Rescue Tool

The Rescue Tool by Victorinox recently won the Knife of the Year Award at IWA 2007. The rescue tool sports a ton of utility in a compact and easy to use tool. The integrated glass breaker and disc saw are the most interesting parts of the kit. The disc saw can actually saw through auto safety glass, check the video of it at work.

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner’s jewelry is full of unusual charms – snake vertebrae, handcuffs, cicadas, grasshoppers…Fun pairings for the more adventurous.

éS – the scale

éS recently released the scale, the lightest technical skate shoe around. The technology for the shoe was developed by The STI Lab, the one and only R&D lab strictly for skate shoes. The STI site is worth checking out to learn how they are working to protect your feet while increasing skateability of the shoes. So expect to see the lightweight tech in the rest of the Sole Tech family of shoes in the future.

Lorena Barrezueta

Renegade Craft Fair
was an exhausting but very fun experience…It was great to see some of the people whose work I’ve long admired. One such person is Lorena Barrezueta, who has taken the form of traditional, disposable food containers and turned them into fine, porcelain tableware. I had seen Lorena’s work online before but in person it is even nicer!

Renegade Craft Fair

Hi all! This weekend is Renegade Craft Fair and Sean and I have been working really hard to get ready for it. If you are in the Brooklyn area and are looking for something to do this weekend, feel free to stop by! The fair is located at McCarren Park Pool on Lorimer St. (between Driggs & Bayard Ave.). We will be there from 11-4 on Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday. Stop by and say hi! We are Booth #81 and are located right smack in the middle of the venue. Some previews of our work above…

A few booths I’m excited to see – Alyssa Ettinger, Foxy & Winston, Lotta Jansdotter, perch!, The Onion (yes! the newspaper! I’m curious as to what they are selling!), Sesame Letterpress, Twigs and Heather

Tejo Remy – Playground Fence

The Playground Fence by Tejo Remy is a translation of what is normally a mundane object – by manipulating the fence he reprograms it, creating seats and play areas. What is normally built as a barrier or a separator becomes an area for connecting and hanging out. Beautiful idea!

Via Inhabitat.

Ample Sample

I don’t remember where I first saw this, but Ample Sample was a brilliant contest where industry professionals were asked to upcycle the carpet samples they had sitting in their offices. Some beautiful products resulted. My favorites were the Mag “Daddy” Caddy by David Shor and The Loop Bench (though I would have covered the sides, and just exposed the tops of the carpet samples) by James Seaman. The light fixture above unfortunately doesn’t get credited on the website, but I like it!

C2 Climate Control by Herman Miller

The Climate Control by Herman Miller is a heater, cooler and air filter for your personal office space. The C2 is a nice little accent for your desk that serves the very important function of keeping you comfortable so you can fill out those TPS reports.

Tal Gur

I got an email this morning about an interesting exhibit of Tal Gur’s work at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The artist’s statement:

The exhibition space contains several objects which reflect a laborious production process: “Reading” tables, “Alata” light fixtures, “Mesh” chairs, and a “Bamboo” partition. The objects, with their entire range of materiality, sprawl, outline their course in the space, dissolve mass, allowing a glance through― through the object, the place, the space.

If you are in Tel Aviv, you can check out the exhibit from June 14 to September, 2007.

Thanks, Tal!

Alfredo Haberli – Nemea Sideboard

This is an amazing sideboard by Alfredo Haberli. It can be opened up or closed back down depending on what configuration you want for the day. The design is very sleek, with no visible hardware. Gorgeous (and expensive)!

Via PadStyle.