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Tesla Factory Video

I’m always a sucker for a good factory video. This time it’s Tesla Model S

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Hawkeye – Pizza Dog

How do you tell a story from the perspective of a dog? Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog attempts to do just that.

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Niagara Falls – DJI Phantom Quad-copter and GoPro Hero 3.

When will the iPhone have the ability to be a quadcopter?

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Len Davis

Beautiful collaged artworks by Len Davis, whose work primarily deals with the daily issues and struggles that we as a people encounter, and how we cope with them.

A Thousand Words #55

The Biggest Surprise in a Man’s Life

Think Tank

Toddler Teasers
BCN 2013 Swimming World Championships Medals

These medals for the 2013 Swimming World Championships, designed by La Granja Design, are pretty cool.

Wanting to do something unconventional but deeply rooted into the swimming world, we borrowed the idea of a silicon strap from the swim goggles. This opened to lagranja a full range of possibilities.

Silicon’s technological properties enabled us to hold the medal in a completely different way, embracing it instead of hanging it. This, of course, lead us to new forms.

When asked to design a commemorative medal, we followed the same principles we used for the winner one, just substituting the thick golden, silver or bronze coin for a light metal ring.

The Working Proof: Lara Pintos – Little Stitches for Alice

New print release: this week we are teaming up with artist Lara Pintos to bring you her work Little Stitches for Alice to benefit Kids In Need Foundation. This piece builds on all the qualities I love in vintage clothing patterns: clean and simple drawings and the intersecting patterns of cut and stitch lines.
This print was conceived as part of a series of pieces generated exclusively by computer. I used the appearance of silk-screen printing and added other graphic resources that add semantic content to my narration, such as sewing patterns. I transformed found patterns used ‘to draw’ in order to represent an image related to my concerns: the naive and the domestic in the current/traditional female context.
Lara has chosen to collaborate with the Kids in Need Foundation to help children experiencing difficulties to have access to a fair education and to escape social exclusion due to financial, racial or geographical reasons.
This is a digital print on acid free, Neenah uncoated matte 100lb cover paper that is 80% recycled. It was digitally signed by the artist and was numbered by The Working Proof. Learn more here. Read our interview with Lara Pintos here. You can buy the print here.

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Stranger and Stranger – Safeway Sleeves

Nice champagne sleeves by Stranger and Stranger for Safeway

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R2-D2 : Beneath the Dome

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Johansburg Zoo – BG Honey Badget Tweets

AHHH!!!!! Check out BG’s tweets.

The Met – Admissions Tags

Something that was bound to happen eventually – the Met will stop using the metal admissions tags in favor of stickers. Now I wish I had kept all the ones from the times I went there. I’m sure you’ll be able to buy them in the gift shop though.