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The Working Proof: Sean Auyeung – Excelsior + a Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

New print release: this week The Working Proof is bringing it back home by collaborating with Sub-Studio’s own Sean Auyeung to offer his print Excelsior as part of a fundraiser for The Bowery Mission, to help New Yorkers who are still reeling from the recent hurricane. Here is a message from Sean about the print:

NYC is our adopted home of nearly 10 years. Like many, Anna and I migrated to the East Village and called it home for 9 years. Watching the damage in the city and other boroughs from the hurricane and the blackout afterwards was difficult to see. I drew this print as a reminder of how much New Yorkers care for one another. They may not always get along, but when the need is there, they answer.

Excelsior is Latin for “ever upward” and is the motto of the State of New York. The oft-maligned common pigeon is a perpetual symbol of the city and its inhabitants: tough, fearless, and unstoppable.

We would like to do what we can to help our great city get back on its feet, and so will be donating 50% of the sale price of each Excelsior print sold to the Bowery Mission, who are working to provide safe shelter and food to homeless and displaced New Yorkers. They are currently running at triple their normal capacity, and the Bowery Mission’s supply of food and pantry items are drastically decreasing at a time when it is needed most. Help us help the Bowery Mission! Excelsior will be available from November 6th through November 20th. It will no longer be available for purchase after that date. The print will ship on November 26th.

This print is available in multiple sizes. Each 8×10 and 11×14 print was signed and numbered by the artist. Learn more here. Read our interview with Sean here. You can buy the print here.

print image

print image

print image

Brevity Jewelry – fundraiser for the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

As you no doubt already know, earlier this week the east coast was hit by the massive storm system known as Hurricane Sandy. My family was lucky to have weathered the storm mostly uneventfully – we never lost power or water, and our neighborhood in Brooklyn escaped relatively unscathed. This wasn’t the case for many parts of New York City and the surrounding areas, including our old neighborhood of the East Village, which is still without power. We count ourselves as doubly lucky because I delivered my son on October 21st, but was due October 27th, right before Hurricane Sandy hit New York. I have been especially impacted by the stories of the hospitals that had to be evacuated, and can’t imagine the stress of trying to get to a hospital during the hurricane or having to be evacuated from a hospital while giving birth.

We’d like to do what we can to help our great city get back on its feet, and so will be donating 50% of the sale price of all New York and Brooklyn necklaces sold between now and 6pm EST, November 7th, and 20% of the sale price of all other City Necklaces sold through November 7th to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Cities currently featured are New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Thank you for helping us to support our city!


Brevity – Calligraphy Necklace

I’ve been turning over this idea in my mind for a long time now, and am happy to finally introduce the Calligraphy Necklace! It’s a twist on the traditional and ubiquitous calligraphy necklace, with each pendant actually generated from hand-written calligraphy. I partnered with the very talented Crystal Kluge, who hand letters each custom pendant, making each necklace as unique as the wearer. Besides making a beautiful product, I was also interested in juxtaposing a very precise and machined material (stainless steel) with handwritten text.

On another note – tomorrow we’re headed to Pittsburgh for a wedding. We’ve been pretty swamped this week with various projects, so we weren’t able to get posts together for Thursday or Friday, but we will be back on Monday, as usual! In the meantime, have an awesome weekend!

The Mixed Race Project

Jenna of Sweet Fine Day recently launched a new project called The Mixed Race Project, where she photographed three different mixed race families in their homes (we’re one of them!). Rather than focusing on the traditional visual documentation of the face, Jenna focused on our homes – on how we live and eat and bring our different cultures into our home lives.

It’s totally crazy to think that interracial marriages were illegal in the United States until 1967. I think it’s great to be able to talk about race openly and honestly, and we were so pleased to be a part of The Mixed Race Project. I look forward to seeing more families as Jenna adds them to the site.

All photo credits: Jenna Park.

Cut Copy for Celebrate Brooklyn

We had the opportunity recently to design a show poster for Cut Copy’s concert tonight in Prospect Park, which benefits Celebrate Brooklyn. It was a lot of fun to design a poster for a band we admire.

Cut Copy selected the design shown above, which is probably the most subtle of the five designs we submitted. Had time permitted, I would have loved to have done a screenprint of one of the more graphic designs. Perhaps for some other show!

I believe that the show is sold out, but if you were lucky enough to get tickets, and you like our poster, you can pick one up at the show. It is a limited edition of 250. The other designs we came up with are shown below.

The one above was my favorite design, although Sean thought it was too literal.

Westward Bound – We Hope

Goodmorning Sub-Studio Readers!

As some of you may or may not know, for the past few years we have been trying to make the move from NYC to the Northwest, but the economy hasn’t been very cooperative. Anna works from home and can be easily transplanted from one coast to the other, but it is necessary for me to find a position there before we commit to making the move.

I am currently looking for a project architect/project designer position in a medium to large architecture firm with a focus on education or cultural projects. For the last 4 years I have been a project architect at a small NYC firm designing and managing projects for K-8 private schools in NYC. The 3 years previous to that I worked on high-end residential projects at another small office.

My hope is that our readers work in some of these firms or have friends who work in these firms. I’m open to any office, but these are the ones I thought stood out over the last few years of researching firms. Seattle and Portland are the two first-choice cities, but Vancouver, SF, and LA are also possibilities.

If you do have a contact, please forward the information or cc me on an introductory email (seanauyeung at gmail.com) and I will take care of the portfolio and resume. We will be in Seattle the first two weeks of July and I hope to be able to see a few people while we are there.

Thanks to anyone who can help and thanks for continuing to support the blog!

The Firms (in no particular order):
DLR Group
Olson Kundig
Johnston Architects
SHED Architecture
Pique Architecture
NAC Architecture
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Schreiber Starling + Lane
Perkins + Will
Miller Hull Partnership

Boora Architects
Allied Works
THA Architecture
SRG Partnership

Perkins + Will

LA or SF?

Gifts Galore & Cupcakes

If you are in NYC this weekend, stop by Gifts Galore & Cupcakes, a holiday pop-up shop curated by Jessica of The Shiny Squirrel at the International Playground. She’s selling some of my Brevity line (some of the Geometric styles and the new Lines styles), as well as a bunch of other awesome brands, including Laura Lombardi, Thief & Bandit , and Species by the Thousands (all shown below). The opening party is tonight, from 7-9.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Sub-Studio SALE!

Hey, peeps! As most of you already know from previous posts, Sean and I are having a baby in February. In order to prepare for the baby’s imminent arrival (we live and work out of a 400-square foot apartment), we are having a year-end sale! Most of our cards, journals and some prints are on sale for up to 50% off! Help us clear out our apartment, and get some cute, hand-printed papergoods to boot! You can find all of our goods in our online shop.

Happy holidays! Thank you for your support over the years! We’re looking forward to 2011!

Crafting A Meaningful Home

We are stoked that our concrete vases process got to be featured in the trailer for Crafting A Meaningful Home that Meg Mateo Ilasco put together a trailer with photog/videographer Thayer Gowdy. Check out the trailer and the other projects, and get your copy of the book at Amazon.

Sub-Studio Plus One!

We don’t get personal much in this space, but we wanted to share some upcoming news with you – Sean and I are having a baby! We’re having a little girl in early February and we are super excited to meet her. Nothing much will change on this blog, but if you are interested in design-y baby items, we will be posting our favorite finds and documenting our growing family over here.

PS – This gorgeous driftwood art is by Ginette Lapalme. Via Mini-Eco.