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Niagara Falls – DJI Phantom Quad-copter and GoPro Hero 3.

When will the iPhone have the ability to be a quadcopter?

via io9

House Industries – Factory Blocks

Factory Blocks by House Industries.

Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory

An exquisite corpse-ish card-based game – Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory.

via Fast Company

Russian House Architectural Blocks – Haba

Russian House Architectural Blocks from Haba.

K’NEX – Atomic Coaster

K’NEX Atomic Coaster is 4′ tall, contains 1,200 pieces, and looks like a serious undertaking.

Lego Great Ball Machine

All I can say is this guy probably loves factory videos too. But surely somebody they know must own a steadycam rig, right?

via Huffpost

Lego Villa Savoye

What most people don’t know about Villa Savoye is that it is actually full of color, and pastel color at that. But the black and white photos from the time don’t communicate that. Legos don’t come in those colors I guess.

Little Tykes – Garden Bubble Leaf Blower

If you tell your kid it’s a Metroid or Mega Man blaster, they might take to the Little Tykes Garden Bubble Leaf Blower more enthusiastically. But bubbles usually entice kids pretty quickly if you have trouble.

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Jacob Pugh – Wooden Bird

I love these little wooden bird ornaments by Jacob Pugh. They are too cute with the color juxtaposed against the english sycamore and black walnut.


My parents are visiting this week and mentioned Playmobil, which I thought was still the semi-cousin of Lego. But they do a lot more vehicles, like this crazy Hay Baler. If you’re a fan of Colbert, you’ll appreciate the Joe Six Pack Dressage Set.