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Freud Tools

I thought that these table saw blades from Freud Tools were interesting when looked at together. Each blade caters to a different need based on cut and material type. And if you’ve ever pushed a large piece of wood through a table saw, having the right blade can make a big difference.

Case IH Stieger and Quadtrac Tractor

I was watching a show about restoring an old International Harvester Scout on tv and I figured I’d look up what else they make. Turns out they make some pretty badass equipment. One example is the Steiger + Quadtrac tractor that features four independent tracks instead of tires. Tracks offer increased traction and flotation over soil, even though they look like they would do far more damage than tires. Not everything we feature here is as purpose-built as this tractor, but I think it is just as beautiful as all the other things we feature.

Lippi Selk Bag

I came across the Lippi Selk Bag in an issue of Backpacker this past weekend. Instead of a sleeping bag, you would use one of these insulated suits to sleep in to allow more freedom in sleeping positions. The temperature ratings are for moderate to cool weather. It would be fun to wear one of these for a snowball fight, you’d feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Henry Studley’s Tool Chest

Most of us do not have to transport our tools to work the same way that Henry Studley did. His profession of piano maker made it necessary to be able to work on pianos outside of his workshop, hence the tool chest above. More info from Wikipedia and The Smithsonian Institution.

If you had to build a chest for your work’s tools, what would it look like?

via Oobject

Uni-ball Kuru Toga Pencil

If you use mechanical pencils a lot, you know that the wearing down of the lead on one side is a pain. No one ever uses the pencil straight up and down (as it was intended for drafting), so you get a line that is bigger than the true cross-section of the lead. The Kuru Toga from Uni-ball solves the lead wear problem by slightly rotating the lead when the pencil is brought to paper. This distributes the wear over the section, resulting in a consistent fine point. Pretty cool, and a smart solution to a very common problem.

via Lines and Colors.

Carnivore Flashlight by Gerber

The Carnivore uses certain wavelengths of light to illuminate the red of blood for hunters to see at night while tracking down their prey. Gerber, primarily known for their knives and multi-tools, is branching off into illumination as well. While a ‘blood tracking flashlight’ seems like an odd function, it has its purpose and makes life easier… for somebody.

Klein and C-MON Scissors

The two pairs of scissors shown attest to the old saying that form follows function. Klein Cutlery makes the 548LR (left) for trimming nap on carpet and C-MON makes the Think Easy 3-Ring Styler (right) for control (and flare) when cutting hair. The shapes remind me of different bird species and how different animals have specialized features for their specific needs.

Craftsman Compucarve

The Craftsman Compucarve is a toolbench-sized computer controlled milling machine. At $1800, it is pretty affordable. The milling software lets you select from premade patterns or draft new 3d patterns yourself. Watch the video of it in action here.

Swingline Saddle Stapler

The Swingline Saddle Stapler solves the basic problem of stapling a large booklet or zine. If you have ever tried to put one together, finding a stapler that will work is a big problem. The long arm staplers do work, but this little Swingline makes it very hard to mess up the spine placement.

Douglas Hammers

Check out this sexy hammer (if there is such a thing)…It’s sleek and looks like a hammer with a purpose. I like the niche for a nail/screw to help you make that initial punch into the wall.

Via Acquire.