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Home Made Modern – Blocktagons

Our fellow Cornell Architecture grad Ben Uyeda started HomeMade Modern and can guide you in making DIY (like the Blocktagons above) stuff that doesn’t involve crochet work, doilies, or pictures of cats. Check out more videos to get started.

via Notcot


These Revolights are getting a lot of press lately, not to mention exceeding their Kickstarer campaign by almost 6x. They probably wouldn’t last long locked up to a bike rack here in the city, but if you keep your bike in the garage, these would be awesome.

Black and Decker Matrix Tool System

Black & Decker Matrix System will be an interesting swappable tool system that ranges from regular screwgun/driver all the way to mini circular saw(!).

cleo skribent – messograf

Apparently the Messograf is the o.g. of caliper pens.  Hand crafted by Cleo Skribent and sold over at Best Made.

I wish there was a lead holder version… but maybe that would be too much?  Still, very handy dandy.

Spyderco – USN Catcherman

We just came back from alligator country and I saw the USN Catcherman on the Spyderco site and had to post it because it reminded me of the gator shapes. The ‘toxic green’ color on the handle with the black blade is a great combination.

Simpson Quik Drive System

I spend a decent amount of my time on job sites and am always interested in the tools the different crews use. So far, the most interesting tools are the spinning laser levels that the carpenters use. Today, a brochure of the Simpson Quik Drive System came into the office. Watch the video and you’ll see how fast this tool hangs panels of all kinds and lays flooring. Looks like fun to me.

WORX – Jawsaw

Smart thinkers over at WORX. The Jawsaw uses the fixed ‘jaws’ to cradle a limb for the mini chainsaw to cut. Now if they only had one that could cut down whole trees… oh wait they do:

via Uncrate

Peter Atwood – Mini Brewdriver

A brewdriver is a screwdriver and a bottle opener. Peter Atwood makes short runs of pretty inventive small tools.

Victorinox – Floral Knife

The Floral Knife from Victorinox is super simple and clean – one blade, one color scales, a little brass detailing. It looks like a better fit for a suit jacket than an apron.

Bosch – Power Box Advanced

I spend a lot of time at job sites checking up on things. When the super isn’t around, the crews are usually listening to music on a little radio with its knobs busted off and all sorts of things wrong with it. The Bosch Powerbox Advanced is the most high tech job radio I have ever seen. It’s designed to withstand a 10′ drop, has integrated battery chargers, GFI outlets, and plays mp3′s. If I had a mobile shop, I would want this in my truck. Except that it would certainly walk off a job site after a day or two.