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Beatriz Nuño – Pile Candle Holder

The Pile Candle Holders Beatriz Nuño are a simple product made from wooden off cuts. It’s a great way to repurpose waste, and the rings are stackable so you can create your own look. Fun!

Lexon – BURO Set

BURO set by Lexon sits so nicely together, it would be a shame to have them strewn about a desk or tucked away in some drawer.

Arne Jacobsen – Alphabet cups

These Alphabet Cups are simple and fun. The typography was originally created by Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen, for internal signage at Aarhus City Hall in Denmark. You could have fun with the letters and what the cups are used for!

Form Us With Love – Silestone Slab Vases

Very cool Silestone Slab Vases by Form Us With Love in collaboration with Cosentino Group. Waterjet cut slabs coordinate with a steel frame to allow for near-infinite variation in arrangements of the discs.

via Contemporist

Ett La Benn – Kami Pots

Ett La Benn’s Kami Pots are gorgeous. They are made from 100% biodegradable cellulose, a material that is both very solid, abundant, and light.

Via Man Make Home.

Dylan Kendall – Efeet Collection

Dylan Kendall’s Efeet Collection is pretty sweet – bowls, vases, sugar bowls, all with feet. It reminds me of Jorine Oosterhoff’s Tea Time tableware – I don’t know what it is about adding a pair of feet to a bowl or a vase, but it definitely makes for some happy tableware. Even better, $1 of every item sold goes to support Hollywood Arts.

The Edgewood Cup

The Edgewood Cup is a series of porcelain cups with wood grain imprints. I like the mixture of natural and manmade.

Baccarat – Jaime Hayon

When I think about Baccarat, an image of cheesy crystal animals comes to mind. But the company is definitely branching out into more interesting pieces like the Jaime Hayon collection of crystal containers.

Nervous System – Hive Trivets

Nervous System just launched these gorgeous Hive modular silicone rubber trivets that feature an organic embossed pattern inspired by cellular forms. I love the colors that they come in – aqua, cherry, charcoal, clear and black for $12 each. The trivets also fit together seamlessly to create a fun design element for your tabletop. So nice!

Donna Wilson

I think pretty much everything that Donna Wilson does is adorable.