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The Motivation

A skate documentary? About a contest series? Contests have come a long way since the Savannah Slamma. The Motivation follows the top few skaters in Street League. I’m more interested in Cole’s interviews as the old dude up there than the younger kids. Hasn’t been that long since he was a young gun in In Bloom.

Lakai – Venice to Venice

Frankie Hill Documentary

I remember Propaganda as the 2nd skate video I had ever seen and the opening part was Frankie Hill’s and the dirt gap ender blew my mind. I think I could do an ollie at that time, and that was it. And a double-kink handrail was just insanity. If you’re a skate nerd of a certain age, you will definitely appreciate this documentary.

Pyrakantha – Balmorhea

If you skate and read Colin Kennedy’s statement about the video below, you’ll immediately understand that feeling of either heading out to start a day of skating or coming back at the end of a long day of skating. It is certainly one of the most free and enjoyable times I experience. No pressure of learning some new trick, no slams, no hassles, just a stretch of smooth ground and that’s it.

I’m going to start by stating that this is a music video with skateboarding in it and not the other way around. The concept of including skateboarding in a music video isn’t exactly ground breaking but when Balmorhea asked me to make a video for one of their tracks, I saw it as an opportunity to create my own version of what skating could look like in a music video. The band let me choose which track I’d like to make a video for and when I decided on Pyrakantha, the imagery that immediately came to mind was city lights at twilight. I asked one of my favorite skateboarders and closest friends, Danny Garcia to star in the video and take the viewer on a journey through some of my favorite parts of the city as the final moments of daylight gave way to the night. My goal was to capture that feeling of skating home at the end of a long day, a time of day when it’s not so much about the tricks you’re doing as it is about the journey itself. Hopefully as skateboarders, you can relate to this feeling. – Colin Kennedy

5Boro – Corner Store Series

Great graphics on the 5Boro Corner Store series. Nice shot of the store down the block from the LES park.

Supra Kids

Supra for KIDS! I like that Ellington is in the video.

Globe – Bantam Clears

While I’m not a huge fan of cruisers, these ones from Globe do make pretty looking toys.

Studio Skate Supply – Native Quiver

Neat deck graphics for Studio Skate Supply by Brandon Todd Wilson.

Magenta Skateboards

Beautiful decks from Magenta Skateboards.

via The Mag

QUIK – Colin Kennedy

Incredible video from Colin Kennedy / The Berrics / Austyn Gillette – QUIK. There is some serious full-speed ripping here.

Check out the behind the scenes video for how hard it actually is to make such an easy looking video.