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New Balance – 3D printed track spikes

New Balance’s 3D-printed outsoles/spike plates are the wave of the future…for elite athletes. Not quite so much for weekend warriors.

Doc Martens – Angelo

Nice pattern piping on the Angelo from Doc Martens.

Emerica – Wino

Great red and purple geometric combo on the relatively simple Emerica Wino.

Vans – Variable

Beautiful new Variable from Vans shows that they are not averse to modernizing some of their old school classics. The low profile toebox and narrow flexible sole look like they probably skate really well.

Clae – Richards

Nice interpretation of the classic chelsea boot from Clae – the Richards.

Nike Foamposite Pink

For whatever reason, I have always been a fan of the Nike Foamposite. It doesn’t even look like it should be a shoe. And now they make it in pink.

via Kinetics

Crocs – Super Molded Flat

An unexpectedly modern Super Molded Flat from Crocs.

Nike Challenge Court SB

Two legends in their own time, Gino Iannucci and suprise person #2 sport this revamp of the 1984 Nike SB Challenge Court.

Supra Society

You better have some serious swagger if you’re going to rock these magenta Supra Society’s.

Reebok Classic Trail

Great low profile and subdued or bold color combinations on the Reebok Classic Trail.