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Make Some Green Competition Winners

Keeseh Studio announced the winners of their Make Some Green Competition.

The winning entry was Ecovative Design’s “Negative Volume” packaging. “A direct replacement for EPS packaging materials, Negative Volume is an entirely compostable composite. Because it’s produced using agricultural byproducts, Negative Volume not only makes use of an existing, sustainable resource stream – once it has delivered your new TV or computer to you safely, you can turn Negative Volume back around and put it to work as an organic fertilizer for your garden. Once you dispose of this packaging material, it will begin to break down immediately, enriching the soil around it.”

Runners up:
Contexture Design’s Bentwood Coffee Cuffs, made of reclaimed architectural veneer off cuts.
Sarah Turner’s Bottle Lights, made from reused plastic drink bottles.
David Gardener’s Packaging Lamp, made from paper pulp and designed to eliminate unnecessary packaging.

MINIWIZ – HYmini and miniSOLAR

MINIWIZ was started in order to promote green + wireless lifestyle. Their flagship products are the HYmini and miniSOLAR above. Both generate power for portable devices by converting the readily available natural resources of wind and sun into electricity. One of the founders, Arthur Huang, is an old friend from school and I am amazed at the company he has built around a very noble and important mission.

Wonsuk Cho

MoCo Loco posted about Wonsuk Cho’s gorgeous X-Ray Lights – I love them! His X-Ray Lights take the iconic fixtures and make them the lamp shades. Beautiful.

Equally lovely are Wonsuk’s Book Hangers, which add a little pleasure to every day storage – conveniently arranging the books you are reading in an orderly way – even allowing you to bookmark your place when you put the book away for the day.

Milagro Barrel Select Anejo Bottles

The hand-blown crystal bottle for the Milagro Barrel Select Anejo tequila from Milagro is so very striking. I’m not a tequila fan, but I could be convinced to have this bottle on my shelf.

img via BURИBLUE’s photostream. Nice light painting too.

Hyper Grilles by Milgo Bufkin

Who says architectural grilles have to be ugly or boring? 0112 and 0104 are part of the hyper grilles line by Milgo Bufkin in Brooklyn, NY. Mathematics determine the repeating/changing patterns and varying degrees of openness in the series. Perhaps not for every one’s walls, but they might make nice trivet’s too.


ARTSPROJEKT is an online community for arts, pop culture and action sports. Conceived by Andy Howell, one of the most established skater-artists (Underworld Element, Sophisto), the site uses Zazzle to on-demand print a TON of different products. ARTSPROJEKT is just starting out so create a gallery there and promote your work.

Anger Release Machine

Yarisal Kublitz made a vending machine that helps you vent your anger – the Anger Release Machine – put some coins in and a statuette is released, shattering upon its fall. Sounds good in theory, but in reality I’d rather smash it myself…

Darth Vader Balloon

Created by Lambert Benoit with Lucasfilm and Cameron Balloons, the Darth Vader Balloon shows us that hot air balloons don’t always have to be all flowers and rainbows. If I am to travel in style, I prefer the overscaled and disembodied head of a Sith lord.

Bear-Aide Crime Scene Template

Though slightly macabre, the Crime Scene Template from Bear-Aide recalls the green templates we all used as kids but for a much more serious purpose. The template includes scaled typical furniture and measurements for sketching the layouts of crime scenes. Bear-Aide makes a bunch of different templates worth checking out including traffic, railroad, boat and sniper templates.

Nike Terra CI

The new Terra CI from Nike expands their Considered line of sneakers. The shoe is full of great details, e.g. how the upper is stitched to the outsole with the shoelace that alternates with the waffle pattern below and the fold-down lace cover.