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Two Clocks

It is odd to think that these two things come from the same necessity to tell time. On the left is the Millhouse in the of Gutach Valley cuckoo clock and on the right is Wallstreet clock from Lexon.

Does form follow function? Can design ever be that pure if designing is done by humans? You could say that the two clocks have different functions because one is for decoration and one is for critical information. I guess they could be like the country mouse and the city mouse. I will leave it up to you to decide which is which. But in the end, they’re both still mice.

Tonfisk – Terrain Alterable Chess Set

Thought Tonfisk’s new TERRAIN Alterable Chess Set was fun – different sized cubes that you can move around to create your own chess terrain…From their press release:

TERRAIN consists of 3-dimensional board made of 64 separate wooden blocks which can be altered and rearranged to create a variety of terrains in which to do battle. The game thus has an added dimension of difficulty. The wooden blocks are made of walnut and white oiled oak. The porcelain chess pieces are made by hand and each piece is unique.

Spank by Alessi

As an American, I have never really given much thought to carpet beaters. I think you need a balcony, a busy street of motorinos, and an old nonna to warrant a carpet beater. But I would buy the Spank from Alessi if I had any of those things. But hanging a carpet off a fire escape just doesn’t have the same air to it.

Blackbird, Fly by Powershovel

The Blackbird,Fly is a 35mm twin reflex camera by PowerShovel/Superheadz of Japan. Powershovel designs toy cameras, these are not reproduced from some old Soviet plans or found in a warehouse somewhere. You can pickup one of these toy cameras in various specialty shops around the US or by mailorder. It takes pretty cool pictures, a BBF Flickr Group has a lot of examples of the results. I love that it uses regular old 35mm film and the exposure frame overlaps the sprockets.

And Four Corners Dark has an interview with Hideki Ohmori of Powershovel: part 1 and part 2.

Cyan Nylon Messenger by Incase

I am really liking the color of the Cyan Nylon Messenger by Incase. They do it right over there. The cam buckle on the strap and the zippered pocket on the flap are both smart touches. And the tapered/seated buckles are nicely done too.

LIP Clockworks

The retro-futuro watches from Lip look like they were designed in the 1950′s for the flying car age of the 2000′s. The brand was recently relaunched, and the Mythic (left) and Fridge (right) are two watches in the new line. They are available at Watchisimo.

Freud Tools

I thought that these table saw blades from Freud Tools were interesting when looked at together. Each blade caters to a different need based on cut and material type. And if you’ve ever pushed a large piece of wood through a table saw, having the right blade can make a big difference.


Tal Mor sent over a link to his industrial design studio – Dag-designlab. There aren’t many projects up yet, but I love what is there, especially these salt shakers – a pebble-like plastic container holds the salt, and a silicone wrapping hides the plastic – you squeeze the shaker to reveal the holes. Seems like a great way to protect your salt from moisture.

Also nice is his Negev Table – a side table/coffee table that was inspired by the Negev desert.

Finally, Tal’s Stopper Postcard – for those of you not satisfied with the post office’s cancellation stamp – the sender hits ‘start’ when the postcard is put in the mail, giving the receiver a way to measure the exact duration of time from when the card left the sender’s hands to the moment that the card is in their own hands…unless of course the postman decides to stop the clock first…

More of Dag-designlab’s work is available here.

Two Vessels

Two nice vessels from the Cooper Hewitt Design Shop. One will cost you bank and one might help you get there. Left is the Paro Goblet designed by Achille Castiglioni and right is the TankBank designed by Larry Dinkelman.

Timbuk2 Stowaway Bag

The Stowaway from Timbuk2 smartly solves a very important problem: how to build an 2x expandable bag that actually works well. Walking around the city, it helps to have a versatile bag that is both small and big at the same time. 240 cubes is still fairly small, but big enough to go from carrying bare essentials to a fleece, a camera and a water bottle.