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BCN 2013 Swimming World Championships Medals

These medals for the 2013 Swimming World Championships, designed by La Granja Design, are pretty cool.

Wanting to do something unconventional but deeply rooted into the swimming world, we borrowed the idea of a silicon strap from the swim goggles. This opened to lagranja a full range of possibilities.

Silicon’s technological properties enabled us to hold the medal in a completely different way, embracing it instead of hanging it. This, of course, lead us to new forms.

When asked to design a commemorative medal, we followed the same principles we used for the winner one, just substituting the thick golden, silver or bronze coin for a light metal ring.

Home Made Modern – Blocktagons

Our fellow Cornell Architecture grad Ben Uyeda started HomeMade Modern and can guide you in making DIY (like the Blocktagons above) stuff that doesn’t involve crochet work, doilies, or pictures of cats. Check out more videos to get started.

via Notcot

Lexon – Flow Radio

The Flow Radio by Philip Wong for Lexon.

Apple – Mac Pro

Apple debuted the design of the new Mac Pro yesterday and it looks pretty serious. Though I imagine that if you have one, you would have a bunch of drives and other junk plugged into it, so it looses it’s monolithic appearance a little bit.


These Revolights are getting a lot of press lately, not to mention exceeding their Kickstarer campaign by almost 6x. They probably wouldn’t last long locked up to a bike rack here in the city, but if you keep your bike in the garage, these would be awesome.

Canadian Polymer $5 Note

Weird but wonderful new $5 Canadian note.

Pretty interesting security features detailed in the second half of the video:

Snow Peak – Mini Hozuki LED Light

The Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED light would make a neat toy for our daughter, who loves hiding under the covers or in forts.

Thabto – Jpegs Coat Hooks

Thabto jpegs make a smart adjustment to a pretty banal object.

Benjamin Hubert – Chimney

Beautiful hand-turned terra cotta light fixtures by Benjamin Hubert.

Shout Out Louds – Ice Record

Make a record out of frozen water. Designed by TWBA Stockholm for the Shout Out Louds for their new single “Blue Ice”.

via Fast Co.