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Castro Dog Bowl

I don’t have a dog, but if I did, the Castro Dog Bowl would be a nice one to have.

Achitecture + LOLcats

The logical conclusion of architectural representation, theory, the internet, and studio procrastination at Berkeley – Lolcats + Architecture. These are my favorites so far – Archigram photocollage, Lebbeus Woods Radical Reconstruction, and OMA kittens-as-program diagram. Check out more hilariousness at Furrocious-Forms Tumblr

via Archinect

Loyal Luxe

Loyal Luxe makes these great cat cabins and teepees. Made out of cardboard, The Cabin is available with 4 interchangeable ornaments (so awesome!): a moose head, a fish, a bird and a banner on which the name of your cat can be written. The Teepee is available with 6 interchangeable ornaments: the dream catcher, the feather, the tomahawk, the eagle and the bull’s head. Fun!

Sub-Studio 2010 Gift Guide: Orange

Manolo Bossi – Fuora DogHouse

Admiring the Fuora DogHouse by Manolo Bossi for Nochicima. It assembles with no glue or nails, and the roof can be easily removed for cleaning. Comes in S, M, and L for all of your doggy needs.

Sub-Studio 2009 Gift Guide: Orange

Sub-Studio 2009 Gift Guide: White

National Geographic – Glowing Animals

As always, some beautiful images at National Geographic. This time it’s Glowing Animals: Beasts Shining for Science. In most cases, the fluorescent protein is implanted into the animals as a marker for a gene to be studied, typically for genetic diseases. A few of the specimens shown have naturally occurring fluorescence, scorpions for example. In the scorpion’s case, scientists are not completely sure what purpose it serves but hypothesize the layer protects them from UV rays or serves as a daylight ‘sensor’.

Emocja – Cat Planters

Agnieszka Bartosiewicz of Emocja sent over their latest project – a very simple, cat-shaped planter that is meant for indoor herb growing or for grass (to aid your cat’s digestion). It comes in both black and white.

Dog Poo Bags

We’re back from Seattle, and are a little big jet lagged – sorry for the late start! We had a great, relaxing holiday and actually missed the blog while we were gone (a little bit, anyway)…I’m catching up on my blog reading from the past two weeks, but here’s one of my favorites so far – from Notcot: Dog Poo Bags by Junge Schactel. Picking up after a dog is probably one of the less pleasant aspects of ownership (I don’t have one, but I’m just taking a wild guess), so it might cheer you up a bit if you can stow their business in one of these bags