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USPS – Earthscapes

I was at the Post Office the other day and saw these beautiful Earthscapes stamps in the glass case. I was buying a large amount of stamps for one of Anna’s mailings. Unfortunately they did not have 50 sheets of them, so I ended up with the plain old flag stamps.

Fashioned by

Fashioned By is a beautiful and quiet line of home accessories designed by Farrah Sit and Dana D’Amico. Old-school modern that’s deliberate, simple, and clean.

Porcelain hanging containers feature a vegetable tan leather strap and an antique brass fastener. Perfect for a hanging herb garden , or used as a decorative catch-all for all of your little notions. Each shape is hand sanded smooth bisque exterior and a gloss glaze interior.

The collection of desk accessories is playful, understated, and well crafted. Celebrating natural materials that age well, the collection combines solid wood, brass, porcelain, and vegetable tan leather. These pieces focus on functionality while creating a pleasing landscape for your workspace.

The leather blotter features a hidden compartment for pencils and business cards. The writing surface is made of a dense vegetable tan leather that ages gracefully.

With a design nod to the old-school straw dispenser, the pencil cup stows away clutter with a fun sliding mechanism that also magnetically locks in place in the open position.

The catch-all features post-its nested in place and a sanded bisque porcelain cup to enclose little notions.

Westerville – Universal Vertical Filing Rack

Living in 400 square feet, I’m all for space saving accessories. The Universal Vertical Filing Rack by Westerville is just that – a clever, simple way to store and organize all of that paper that accumulates over time.

Sub-Studio 2010 Gift Guide: Rainbow

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