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Clusterlamp by Moooi

I was searching for light fixtures for work this morning and came across the clusterlamp from Moooi. It is a neat mash-up of a couple different sockets and an assortment of lamps. I think I could have a lot of fun with a fixture like this one. Moooi makes a lot of other wacky stuff, be sure to check out their website for all sorts of who knows what.

Iacoli & McAllister

Iacoli & McAllister is a Seattle-based design collaboration between Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister. Jamie sent over the press release for a show they are taking part in at the Future PerfectHue Are You?, with Stanley Ruiz, Ben Light, Annie Lenon and Timothy Liles, among others. I&M are showcasing their mini-pedestals but I went snooping on their website and discovered these two projects – Bergert, which is a mail shelf made of hand-formed Corian or powder coated aluminum. I love the detail of the magnetic key holder and the colorful elastic bands.

Also awesome are their Channel lights – laser cut from Corian. I love the colorful cord and kinda wish that the pendant came with one of those elastic bands for you to decorate the shade with, if you wanted to…

I’ll be showcasing my favorites from the Future Perfect show tomorrow…

David Trubridge – Iti Kitset Lampshades

Love David Trubridge’s new Iti Kitset Lampshades. Made out of recyclable polypropylene, each lamp comes with a set of geometric parts that fit together to allow you to make different patterns whenever you feel like it. It currently comes in three color combinations: pink/purple, blue/green, and white/gray.

Sub-Studio 2008 Gift Guide: Green

Sub-Studio 2008 Gift Guide: Orange

As always – click on the images to see the products!

Sub-Studio 2008 Gift Guide: Red

Sub-Studio 2008 Gift Guide: White

Make Some Green Competition Winners

Keeseh Studio announced the winners of their Make Some Green Competition.

The winning entry was Ecovative Design’s “Negative Volume” packaging. “A direct replacement for EPS packaging materials, Negative Volume is an entirely compostable composite. Because it’s produced using agricultural byproducts, Negative Volume not only makes use of an existing, sustainable resource stream – once it has delivered your new TV or computer to you safely, you can turn Negative Volume back around and put it to work as an organic fertilizer for your garden. Once you dispose of this packaging material, it will begin to break down immediately, enriching the soil around it.”

Runners up:
Contexture Design’s Bentwood Coffee Cuffs, made of reclaimed architectural veneer off cuts.
Sarah Turner’s Bottle Lights, made from reused plastic drink bottles.
David Gardener’s Packaging Lamp, made from paper pulp and designed to eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Wonsuk Cho

MoCo Loco posted about Wonsuk Cho’s gorgeous X-Ray Lights – I love them! His X-Ray Lights take the iconic fixtures and make them the lamp shades. Beautiful.

Equally lovely are Wonsuk’s Book Hangers, which add a little pleasure to every day storage – conveniently arranging the books you are reading in an orderly way – even allowing you to bookmark your place when you put the book away for the day.

Luis Eslava Studio

Luis Eslava used Velcro to create the shade for his Face to Face pendant. The shade is infinitely reconfigurable by the user.