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These Revolights are getting a lot of press lately, not to mention exceeding their Kickstarer campaign by almost 6x. They probably wouldn’t last long locked up to a bike rack here in the city, but if you keep your bike in the garage, these would be awesome.

LDC – Helsinki Silo 468

Lighting Design Collective created Silo 468 for the city of Helsinki, a sort of reverse zoetrope where you sit in the cylinder and the animation whirls around you.

via URdesign

Alexandra Burr – 2 x 4

I love the simplicity of this 2 x 4 lamp by Alexandra Burr, and how it appears to be floating in the air (it’s actually suspended by mono filament).

Woodendot – Ka Lamp Collection

The Ka Lamp is a beautiful family of lamps by Daniel García and Maria Jose Vargas of Woodendot The collection is composed of XL, M, and S lamps: an ambient, reading and table lamp.

Benjamin Hubert – Chimney

Beautiful hand-turned terra cotta light fixtures by Benjamin Hubert.

Loz Abberton – Grandeliers

Loz Abberton’s Grandeliers are beautiful, flat-packed pendants that are made from eco-friendly materials. I prefer the simpler ones myself, but the whole collection is lovely.

Fort Standard

Fort Standard make lovely, simple products. The Sprue Candelabras are simple and industrial, and I love the streamlined look of their lighting fixtures.

karl zahn – dunk light

The Dunk Light by Karl Zahn would be prefect for the home office/office – for those late nighters.  Or when you have insomnia?  Missing the shots would put me to sleep, for sure.  Does it come with a white nerf ball?

Arthur Liu – 2×4 Lamp

Arthur Liu went to architecture school with us and took a furniture class that asked students to create a light from a 2×4. He was given the same challenge many years later at MIT. I love the idea behind a simple object which appears to be one thing, but is actually another. On top of that, the solidness of the 2×4 is belied by the tiny switch that activates and illuminates the light.

Benjamin Hubert – Quarry Light

Benjamin Hubert recently released the Quarry light as part of his Construction Site installation at Design Junction 2012. Each pendant is made from hand-turned marble and manufactured by De La Espada. I love the juxtaposition of a heavy object and material with its new function of a light fixture.