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Protea Wine Graphics

Beautiful bottle design for Protea wine. Too bad the Protea link is 404′d…

via The Dieline

Marimekko – Tilkkutäkki apron

Beautiful color blocks on the Marimekko Tilkkutäkki apron

Milk Design – MIIX Tea Spoon

These MIIX ceramic tea spoons by Milk Design are so pretty. I love the mixture of traditional and contemporary through form and color. They could be cool baby spoons, too.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

We finally watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and it was a masterful portrait of a man singularly devoted to his art/work/love. And it made me very hungry for sushi.

Cuissential – Slickboil

A very collapsible silicone tea kettle, the Cuissential – Slickboil is great for space-saving kitchens and camp boiling (though why not just use a camp cup?)

via Notcot

Formafantasma – Charcoal project

Formafantasma’s Charcoal project for the Vitra Design Museum is just so gorgeous. Formafantasma collaborated with Doris Wicki, one of the “last individuals dedicated to the tradition of producing charcoal by the slow burning of wood”, and glass blower Massimo Lunardon (beware! links to a ca-raaazy site!) to create a series of glass jars paired with wooden filters. Formafantasma carved the initial wooden pieces, which they then turned over to Doris Wicki, who left the pieces burning over the course of a few days. The charred remains were then further sculpted into the elements that were paired with the glass vessels.

Working with the notions of tradition and nostalgia, Formafantasma’s latest project draws on the tension between the dystopian connotation of charcoal, causing pollution and destruction while also being employed in healthcare and water purification.

Via Designboom.

fukusada design & rui pereira – sapore dei mobili

Spotted this piece by Ryosuke Fukusada (Fukusada Design) and Rui Pereira over at Present&Correct and had to share:

Sapore dei Mobili was born a reflection about the velocity of the contemporary furniture industry and how the consumers are unable to digest the huge amount of new products companies are launching in the market every year.  … we propose an alternative way of experiencing furniture.

Someone bring over some itty bitty chocolate chips, please!

Squish Housewares

Squish is colorful, functional line of kitchenware designed by Prime Studio for Robinson Home Products.

Cactus Toothpick Holder

Very cool toothpick holder for your tabltop by John Brauer, available at Moma

Marimekko – Puutahurin Parhaat Apron

We’ve been searching around for Marimekko fabric for drapes in our new living room. At the shop today I noticed some pretty baller aprons including this Puutahurin Parhaat Apron. Wish I could have walked around the printmaking shop in one of these.