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Thabto – Jpegs Coat Hooks

Thabto jpegs make a smart adjustment to a pretty banal object.

joey roth – planter

A self-watering planter?  Yes.  Thank you, Joey Roth for this lovely creation.  I will never kill a plant again.

The planter’s naturally porous earthenware allows water in the central chamber to seep into the surrounding soil.

Inspired by the Olla, an ancient irrigation tool that farmers still use to conserve water in arid climates.

Cardboard Safari – Wall Trophies

I spotted these fun cardboard wall trophies by Cardboard Safari on sale over at Fab. They’d be sweet over a mantle or in a kid’s nursery!

Fashioned by

Fashioned By is a beautiful and quiet line of home accessories designed by Farrah Sit and Dana D’Amico. Old-school modern that’s deliberate, simple, and clean.

Porcelain hanging containers feature a vegetable tan leather strap and an antique brass fastener. Perfect for a hanging herb garden , or used as a decorative catch-all for all of your little notions. Each shape is hand sanded smooth bisque exterior and a gloss glaze interior.

The collection of desk accessories is playful, understated, and well crafted. Celebrating natural materials that age well, the collection combines solid wood, brass, porcelain, and vegetable tan leather. These pieces focus on functionality while creating a pleasing landscape for your workspace.

The leather blotter features a hidden compartment for pencils and business cards. The writing surface is made of a dense vegetable tan leather that ages gracefully.

With a design nod to the old-school straw dispenser, the pencil cup stows away clutter with a fun sliding mechanism that also magnetically locks in place in the open position.

The catch-all features post-its nested in place and a sanded bisque porcelain cup to enclose little notions.

Pete KL – Modular Memoro

Designer Pete KL launched a collection of Modular Memoro blocks at the Pratt booth at ICFF this weekend. The students were challenged in a collaboration between Pratt and Herman Miller to create objects that promote physical and mental well-being.

The Modular Memoro blocks encourage active engagement with one’s cherished memories, and allow for countless configurations of tablescapes to create a stage for the stories of the objects you collect and treasure.

In addition to the standard collection of Modular Memoro blocks, Pete collaborated with friends and designers to come up with an Artist’s Series of Memoro blocks, including a solid ebony block decorated with gold leaf by Lucia Oceguera (above), and a collaboration between two artists, MP Landis and Les Seifer (below), which includes a piece of art that was folded and mailed between the two artists until one of them declared it finished.

Clock Plate Clocks

Young & Battaglia’s Clock Plate Clocks are a fun alternative to the traditional wall clock. Each porcelain dinner plate features an image of a vintage clock inspired by London, Paris and New York, and comes with a German Quartz timepiece.

the guest – jaime hayon x tim biskup x devilrobot for lladró atelier

Lladró has been putting out some great collections recently, like the Metropolis, and now - The Guest by Jaime Hayón - with Tim Biskup and Devilrobot.  Check out more images and the story at Dezeen.

Saana ja Olli

How pretty are these Yö metsässä textiles by Saana ja Olli? I love the pixelated graphics.

Sincol x MT Wall Tape

I’ll take the Sincol x MT wall tapes over pre-cut wall decals. They are far more flexible and fun – you can play with diy graphics, shapes, patterns – start layering and take advantage of its translucency. They come in various widths, colors, and patterns. Plus, how cool is it that all MT tapes are rice paper based?

Ben Broyde – Orlogin

I love this – Ben Broyde’s Orlogin is one half transformer and one half crazy Lego tower. He starts with several painted wood base shapes, and then begins to chop up and carve into the base shapes, revealing the wood beneath and constructing the clock.

Via Designboom. I can’t seem to find a link to the designer’s website – if you find one, please let me know!