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Swatch & Art – Mathieu Mercier

Nice case and graphic on the face of this Swatch Art by Mathieu Mercier called The Stone From Your Heart

Protea Wine Graphics

Beautiful bottle design for Protea wine. Too bad the Protea link is 404′d…

via The Dieline

The Butterfly Effect – Tattly

The Butterfly Effect by Matt(H)Booth. Best of all, it’s a Tattly.

Marshmallow Laser Feast

Amazing lightpainting from Marshmallow Laser Feast. Video below shows more of their work and their creative process.

Canadian Polymer $5 Note

Weird but wonderful new $5 Canadian note.

Pretty interesting security features detailed in the second half of the video:

Swatch – Still Alive

Still Alive gent by Swatch.

RPSM T-Shirt – Bruce Mau Design

Great shirt for the Regent Park School of Music by Bruce Mau Design

Halloween – Methane Studios

Methane Studios movie poster for Halloween is pretty creepy.

Remake – USPS Stamps

From Remake:
This series of four stamps was produced for the United States Postal Service in collaboration with art director Antonio Alcalá. The stamps feature entirely abstract designs, their complex patterns connoting high value, and their non-representational form inviting a multiplicity of interpretations. Each stamp was realized by overprinting thin lines in a variety of solid colors, which build up and create body. The effect is one of breathing color, the lines gently inhaling and exhaling. As a finishing touch, the large numerals are printed in intaglio, further underlining the quality and value of the stamps.

Thanks to JT for the tip

Daniel Brokstad – Possession

Possession – The Unholy Wine Collection by Daniel Brokstad. Great handwriting and container.

via The Dieline