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Stranger and Stranger – Safeway Sleeves

Nice champagne sleeves by Stranger and Stranger for Safeway

via The Dieline

Studio Cave Canem – Stereotypie Vases

More lovely glass work by Studio Cave Canem.

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Glass Sculptor with Horse

Not sure where or who this glass artist is, but this video is amazing to watch. So much of my creative process is now on the computer. And the ability to crtl-Z everything works both for and against. Watching this video with the speed and fluidity of the sculpting is simply awe inspiring.

via Notcot

Formafantasma – Charcoal project

Formafantasma’s Charcoal project for the Vitra Design Museum is just so gorgeous. Formafantasma collaborated with Doris Wicki, one of the “last individuals dedicated to the tradition of producing charcoal by the slow burning of wood”, and glass blower Massimo Lunardon (beware! links to a ca-raaazy site!) to create a series of glass jars paired with wooden filters. Formafantasma carved the initial wooden pieces, which they then turned over to Doris Wicki, who left the pieces burning over the course of a few days. The charred remains were then further sculpted into the elements that were paired with the glass vessels.

Working with the notions of tradition and nostalgia, Formafantasma’s latest project draws on the tension between the dystopian connotation of charcoal, causing pollution and destruction while also being employed in healthcare and water purification.

Via Designboom.

Harman Kardon GLA-55 Speakers

If your name is Mr. Freeze, you could probably use a set for your ice lair. If it’s not, you better have some serious coin in your pocket if you want a set of the HK GLA-55 speakers.

Baccarat – Jaime Hayon

When I think about Baccarat, an image of cheesy crystal animals comes to mind. But the company is definitely branching out into more interesting pieces like the Jaime Hayon collection of crystal containers.

Atypyk – Clown Nose Mug

I know that this Clown Nose mug by Atypyk is really just supposed to be funny, but I like it as a way to bring a subtle pop of color to a mug. It would be fun to see these in a bunch of different colors.

Burojet – Hedgehog Cup

Fun little Hedgehog cup by Burojet, which is made of 3D-printed polyamide.

The inner cup is the container to hold the liquid, the “outer cup”…creates a skin of air between your hot drink and your hands. The pins get smaller at the top of the cup towards the rim so you can feel with your lips if the drink is not too hot.

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