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Follow the Leader – Sam Caldwell

Loving this Follow the Leader illustration by Sam Caldwell. You already know how much we love Sam’s work, so it was an honor to have him participate in FTL!

Follow the Leader – Louise Norman

Louise Norman submitted this drawing to our Follow the Leader project – I love the bright colors of all of the different vegetables…We’d love to get some more drawings – please check out the project if you are interested!

Follow the Leader – Jo Cheung

It’s been a while since we’ve profiled one of the illustrations from Follow the Leader – London-based illustrator Jo Cheung submitted this beautiful one yesterday…I love the bear and the colored diamonds.

Follow the Leader – Chrissy Lau

Love Chrissy Lau’s submission to Follow the Leader. Chrissy is a freelance illustrator who draws quirky folks – check out her portfolio of work!

Follow the Leader – Betty Bo Ra Kim

We’re back in New York and back to work today…The laptop that we brought to Seattle didn’t have photoshop on it (how did that happen?), so I couldn’t do much with all of the Follow the Leader submissions we received while we were gone…Hopefully you kept track of most of them via our sidebar to the left, but I’ve got a few to highlight for you, too!

The first is by our good friend Betty Bo Ra Kim – I love the repeating jars, each containing their own light/pattern. Betty is equal parts artist and architect and it shows in her work.

Follow the Leader – David Delahunty

I dig David Delahunty’s submission to Follow the Leader. Check out his portfolio for more work.

Follow the Leader – Antje Drescher

Antje Drescher’s trio of illustrations for Follow the Leader are some of my favorite yet. They are both clever and sweet. I love the girl cutting out life size paper doll clothes for herself. Antje is a German illustrator, and since her website is in German, I can’t tell you too much about her work, other than that she’s done some really great illustrations! Check out her portfolio here.

Guys, I’ve been so blown away by the response to Follow the Leader. It’s so amazing to see what you’ve come up with – I get super excited every time we get a submission email. Thanks so much for your support and participation!

Follow the Leader – My Zoetrope

Check out these fun new submissions to Follow the Leader by Michelle Cavigliano, aka My Zoetrope! I especially like the top one – Escape from Jar. Check out Michelle’s shop for more illustrations.

Follow the Leader – Lauren Gentry

A new Follow the Leader submission from Lauren Gentry! She rotated the seed drawing 180 degrees and came up with this very lovely inventor man.

Follow the Leader – Karolin Schnoor

Karolin Schnoor’s submission to Follow the Leader is one of my favorites yet. I love the composition and the color of the illustration. So beautiful! Karolin is an awesome illustrator – I’ll be featuring more of her work later today.