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James Henry Austin – Project Won

James Henry Austin recently launched Project Won, a furniture line geared around the London 2012 games:

All the furniture is made entirely of UK salvaged sports hall flooring. All the furniture is handmade in his Shropshire workshop using time tested traditional joinery techniques. The individual planks are hand sanded, leaving the original sports lines on display and then recoated with a natural wax oil. The furniture is handmade to order, one piece at a time and is built to last.

The range consists of a chair, table, bench, coffee table and coat rack.

Wandern im Wissen Installation

“Wandern im Wissen” (Wandering in Knowledge) is a gorgeous installation between four floors of a library at the University of Bremen. For the last 350 years, the library has served as a source of information for visitors, fulfilling an endless flow of inquiries on a daily basis. “Wandern im Wissen” takes these requests and displays them digitally on a sculpture of folded paper, inspired by the connection between traditional storage medium and the digital information world.

Andrew Hem :: ‘Cold Water’ @ LeBasse Projects

Andrew Hem is just so talented. I wish that I were located in Culver City, CA, so that I could check out his new show, Cold Water, which is opening at LeBasse Projects on July 16th, from 7pm-10pm. The show will run from the 16th through August 13th, 2011.

In this highly anticipated solo project, Hem confronts the viewer with themes of isolation and personal conflict. After focusing his 2010 body of work on his Cambodian heritage and how different his life might have been should his family have stayed during the regime of the Khmer Rouge, Hem now moves forward with an even more introspective series of paintings.

The new paintings explore the feeling of isolation we get when removed from those close to us – and the ensuing personal darkness that follows. As the viewer progresses through the paintings we can see how Hem emerges from those dark places and finds the road back to happiness.

Hem states that the title ‘Cold Water’ is a reference to that feeling of ‘being surrounded by cold situations and places.’ Hem masterfully builds lush, yet cold, landscapes wherein his portraits longingly stare for someone to connect with. Filled with personal references, Hem’s paintings still create a canvas all should be able to find themselves in.

Have a great 4th of July, if you are celebrating. We’ll be taking Monday off, and will be back on Tuesday with posts.

Landor Associates Summer Windows

The Cincinnati branch of the branding and design firm Landor Associates is located in the historic landmark Shillito Department Store building in downtown Cincinnati.

In a nod to the Shillito Department Store’s retail roots, Landor has been utilizing the building’s street-level display windows by creating window installations. The latest, Graphic Fashion, premiered on May 12th during the second annual Cincinnati Fashion Week. Graphic Fashion features large-scale photographs of Landor employees dressed up in graphically inspired garb. The installation features dynamic window clings, as well as clothing that combines various shapes and textures. The display will be up until the end of summer.

Check out some of the previous window installations here.

Scott Albrecht – Along the Way

Scott Albrecht has a new show opening later this month at TrickGo in Philadephia. The exhibition will run from June 25—July 20, 2011 with an opening reception on Saturday June 25, from 6—10pm.

Albrecht often uses found materials as alternative canvases for his work (discarded books, maps, and wooden boxes) carefully selected for their aged and weathered textures. ALONG THE WAY features a new series of three-dimensional works on wood, hand-drawn typography studies on paper and a screen-printed multiple released in conjunction with a limited edition T-shirt, designed by the artist exclusively for Trick Go.

In ALONG THE WAY, Albrecht focused on capturing specific moments from his life, especially memories of events in which he found inspiration and discovery. These moments are represented thematically throughout the exhibition and specifically documented in a series of four works called Moments in Time. Expanding upon his signature typographic aesthetic, Albrecht explores abstract interpretations of typography in his Moments in Time series. In each of the four works, the artist integrates a set of eight numbers which represent a significant date (mm/dd/yyyy), dissects the numerical letterforms into a system of painted wooden geometric shapes, and embeds hidden codes into the resulting puzzle-like pattern.

NOHO Design District: Uhuru – War Craft

Uhuru’s War Craft Line is made from reclaimed wood taken from the deck of the decommissioned USS North Carolina.

It is to date one of the most decorated battleships in US naval history, was built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the 30′s, and fought during WWII. By exploring and referencing the forms of the USS North Carolina, the pieces create a dialog between honoring those lost during the its various campaigns and exploring the inherently violent nature of modern war craft.

The Mark-8 Room Divider is shaped with the life-sized negative silhouette of the bullets that were fired from the USS North Carolina. It gives a sense of scale to the massive and destructive weapons on-board. The black bronze powder coating is offset with subtle brass screws and hinges. Flexible enough to be used as a room divider or mirror, this thoughtful piece aims to bring a palpable sense of scale to the viewer.

The 16/45 End Tables vary in size, each referencing the colossal diameter and caliber of the bullets that were onboard the USS North Carolina. The tapered shape of the table supports took subtle cues from the battleship itself. The lightness of the base is a direct contrast to the solid bullets. Crafted out of either teak or cold-rolled steel, the tables support black glass and are available in three heights.

NOHO Design District: McMasterpieces

The McMasterpieces exhibit was a lot of fun – it reminded me of a project we were given in architecture school – to take six random objects and to create something new from those objects. The designers invited to participate in the McMasterpieces exhibit were asked to use objects from the McMaster-Carr catalog to create new objects. I was most impressed with the objects that used the McMaster-Carr pieces in a totally new way, such as Bec Brittain’s Chess Set, which is made up of nuts and bolts, and Karl Zahn’s Oil Lamp, which ironically incorporates a fire hose nozzle.

Bec Brittain’s Chess Set.

David Weeks’ Pendant Light.

Henry Julier’s Mesh Bowls, made from polypropylene plastic mesh with nylon snap shank rivets.

Alissia MT’s Trivet, made of wood dowels and vegetable tanned leather cord.

Karl Zahn’s Oil Lamp.

Timothy Lile’s Clocks – even though in the spirit of the McMasterpieces exhibit, these aren’t as innovative as the other objects (being that they are just modified clocks), I’m including them anyway, because as finished objects, I really liked them (love the graphic – it reminds me of the retro video game, Arkanoid)!

ICFF: Areaware

Areaware launched a line of waste baskets by Cordula Kehrer. The Bow Bins are made from sustainably harvested rattan and reclaimed bins, and are produced by the indigenous Aeta people of the Philippines via the fair trade NGO, Preda.

ICFF: Flux Chair

The Flux Chair was inspired by a folded paper sculpture, when Douwe Jacobs folded a simple cut-out from a single sheet of paper. It can be flat-packed for easy storage.

ICFF: D-Torso

I thought that the D-Torso booth was pretty fun. It featured life size animals, and a moving robot. A version of the giraffe is currently on display in a zoo in Japan. Other life size animals include an elephant, cow, horse, dolphin and a tortoise.