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DC Shoes – Gymkhana 4

There is some seriously insane driving going on in this DC short. They have surely become more than just a little shoe company from the 90′s. Definitely fun to watch.

Ferrari Factory

Designboom recently took a tour of the Ferrari factory in Maranello. Definitely not the assembly line of old, the Ferrari line only turns out 10-12 cars per day. Compare that with the Ford line in Cologne that produced up to 1700 cars per day.

Pinstripe Deck by Ryan Lange of Lost Garage

With all that Illustrator lets you do these days, it’s cool to see such smooth curves drawn by hand. Painted by Ryan Lange, these limited edition decks will be on display and sold by Code of Conduct Chicago. More info here

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Go Faster – The Graphic Design of Racing Cars

An interesting video primer for Go Faster, a new book about the early days of graphic design of racecar bodies.

Redbull – My Inner Secrets – KERS and Rear Wing

Another cool Redbull animation about the new F1 technologies that make racing a little bit more like a video game.

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Pininfarina – 2uettottanta

The 2uettottanta – an Alfa Romeo designed by Pininfarina – is a hot little car. I especially like the cutouts behind the head rests.

Unpacking The Nano – Cornell AAP

It’s hard to believe that you can sell a car for $2,200. But that’s just what Ratan Tata B. Arch(!) ’62 figured out how to do over the last few years. The exhibit at the Johnson Museum is an exploded view of the car itself, pulled apart into major component groups and arranged so that you can walk around and explore the normally compacted car. Read more in the Chronicle.

Citroen DS3 Design Contest – Flavio Melchiorre

Citroen held a contest to design a piece for the roof panel of their mini-car, the DS3. Flavio Melchiorre was the jury’s pick for winner. The Citroen contest site has more photos and video of the winning design’s graphics and install.

BMW Isetta 250 Replica

I’m not a huge car historian, but I did have toy cars when I was a kid. Premium ClassiXXs released this impeccably detailed replica of the BMW Isetta 250, a sort of hybrid car/spaceship/tricycle. Check out the wiki for more info.

Urban Outfitters and Republic Bikes

I like the mass-customization process that Urban Outfitters put together with Republic Bikes. I picked out my colorway up top. I cannot vouch for the quality of the components, but $400 bucks is still a fair amount of money, so it’s no beater. Unfortunately, you can’t customize every little nut and bolt, but the options are enough to get you going on your way to customizing a bike and perhaps a primer for becoming some sort of gearhead. I am sure bike snobs out there are turning up their noses, but everyone has to start somewhere.

I think it’s a great idea and I would get one if it weren’t for the problem of finding space in our shoebox of a nyc apartment to store a pair of them.

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