a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

Nixon Watches – Esquire and Groove

Nixon is just good at what they do. The Esquire (top) and Groove (bottom) show-off the designers’ inventive use of strap material, clasp types and form.

50 Sad Chairs by Bill Keaggy

50 Sad Chairs by Bill Keaggy catalogs the vibrant colors and compositions of street chairs and their surroundings in St. Louis, MO. Keaggy’s skill and eye bring out beauty in the banal, page after page.

50 Sad Chairs at Amazon.


(Product) Red recently partnered up with Girl Skateboards to produce a deck to stop AIDS in Africa. Normally (RED) partners with huge global brands that can contribute massive revenue to their cause. This is one of hopefully many smaller companies getting involved with (RED). Check out the video featuring Girl art director/art dumper Andy Jenkins and Eric Koston, who needs no introduction. Don’t forget about The Berrics getting the BGP’s.

via The Skateboard Mag

The Rolling Exhibition – Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly started a great photo project to document the expressions and reactions to his skating by them. The expressions capture such a range of emotions because Kevin was born without legs. Check out the Rolling Exhibition and a video short segment called “What Are You Looking At?” on People of the Web to learn more

Eric Tan

Eric Tan creates some incredible retro-inspired print work for all sorts of projects. Working at Disney, his recent work focused on Pixar films Wall-E and The Incredibles.

Above are two limited edition movie posters for Indian Jones and X-men. Be sure to check out Eric’s blog for updates on his great work.

Waterflask by Eva Solo

The Waterflask by Eva Solo meets a very simple need: transport a drink while keeping it cold or hot. The leash keeps it from getting away, or other people trying to take it.

Swatch Puzzle Collection

The new Puzzlemotion Collection from Swatch takes watch faces to another level. Instead of extra hands for extra information, the discs rotate and form different patterns at each half-hour. The Interpretation is shown above. Be sure to check out the video and the rest of the collection.

Pigeon Ring Necklaces by Chinny Chin Chin

The Pigeon Ring Necklaces by Chinny Chin Chin catalog pigeon racers and contain a collectible piece of sports memorabilia. The anthropomorphic quality of the pigeon portraits combined with the pigeon’s likes/dislikes makes the flying rats look almost like-able.

Flickr Turns 4

Flickr turned 4 a few weeks ago and hosted a big show in their gallery space. They also encourage everyone to grab a few photos from the Flickr Turns 4 Photo Pool and put up a little gallery of your own.

If you are ever looking for some incredible photographs for your walls, Flickr is absolutely a great place to look. Print them out and frame them! And you can start adding them to your contacts to keep up with their work. I am waiting for camera companies to integrate gps into their cameras so that geotagging will become a bigger part of photography.

Comet Skateboards and e2e Materials

Good for Ithaca! Comet Skateboards combined with e2e Materials to use petroleum-free biodegradable composites developed at Cornell University in their skateboard construction. The e2e laminates update the traditional 7-ply and glue with soy and hemp layers to produce a more environmentally friendly board.

Nice to see some innovative products coming from my alma mater and local skatepark.