a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat. FURTHER EXAMINATION:

Tom Ngo – Work and Home

Tom Ngo – Work and Home. Imagery from another era of architecture.

Marimekko – Tilkkutäkki apron

Beautiful color blocks on the Marimekko Tilkkutäkki apron

NYPL – Posters of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1922

NYPL Digital Gallery – Posters of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1922. You’ll need to see the NYPL for the translations –

RB9 – Rhythm of the Factory

Another amazing factory video. This time it’s Red Bull F1 design, testing, and fabrication.

Nikkor 80th Anniversary

Beautiful footage from the Nikkor lensworks for the Nikkor lenses 80th Anniversary.

DKNG – Elk and Desert Launch

Beautiful Elk and Desert Launch prints from DKNG.

via OMG Posters

Visual Spicer – Papercraft

If you are serious about xactos, glue sticks, and cutting mats, you might have one of these VisualSpicer papercraft cars.

via Hypebeast

Foster and Partners – Moonbase

Foster + Partners could be the very first extra-terrestrial architect with a 3D-printed moonbase. The system is a combination of earth-built structural components and moon-harvested dust mixed with binders to create the shell to protect the habitable parts of the base. Pretty smart.

via Wired


Paperman is a new short from Disney featuring a new hybrid CG and hand-drawn style. And it has a pretty sweet story.

Burton – Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth board graphics from Burton.