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The Motivation

A skate documentary? About a contest series? Contests have come a long way since the Savannah Slamma. The Motivation follows the top few skaters in Street League. I’m more interested in Cole’s interviews as the old dude up there than the younger kids. Hasn’t been that long since he was a young gun in In Bloom.

Adidas Springblades

The Springblades are so crazy looking. I wonder what they feel like.

Swatch & Art – Mathieu Mercier

Nice case and graphic on the face of this Swatch Art by Mathieu Mercier called The Stone From Your Heart

Himalayan 4,500km Adventure

Some of the most awe inspiring and simultaneously terrifying cliffside roads and rickety bridges on this GoPro-filmed dirtbike trek through the Himalayas.

Raid71 – Butterflies

Great poster for Art V Cancer by Raid71

Nike Free Flyknit

If the technology to make the Nike Free Flyknit exists, then it should be possible to make it look cooler. But I like the idea of a sock with a sole on it.

Jordan XX8

Woah. Jordan XX8′s in serious patterns.

Tesla Factory Video

I’m always a sucker for a good factory video. This time it’s Tesla Model S

via Notcot

Hawkeye – Pizza Dog

How do you tell a story from the perspective of a dog? Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog attempts to do just that.

via Wired