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Fai-Fah by Sparch

Picture credits: Lin Ho


Architecture firm Sparch was commissioned by TMB Bank to design Fai-Fah Prachautis, combining two side-by-side shophouses into a building that houses an arts and education program which works with underprivileged Thai youth, using art as a vehicle for self-development and creative thinking. The art and creative education programs span five floors and include an art studio, library, gallery, dance studio, and multi-purpose rooftop garden.

The five levels of the building are linked by a central feature staircase with each level defined by its own colour theme. Utilities and services are housed in a new inverted L-shaped structure, the “Utility Stick”, which is plugged into the rear of the building; it rises from the courtyard and bends to form a garden store at roof level. The existing shop house façade has been transformed by the application of a bespoke lattice screen and Fai-Fah logo, a statement that the building is different from its adjacent neighbours and announcing to the community that Fai-Fah has arrived.

I personally love the way that the signage at night looks like a long exposure photo with the words “Fai-Fah” scrawled in light. The interior is super fun, playful and colorful, and I’m sure the program a huge asset to the community in Bangkok.

Picture credits_TMB Bank

Picture credits_Lin Ho

Picture credits_TMB Bank

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  1. I’m on a little bit if a yellow kick these days and some of these pics illustrate why. Yellow doesn’t have to be soft. Against blacks and whites it can be very vibrant. Even against creams and greys, softer yellows can still have a tremendous pop. It can be every bit as powerful as red. Love these shots.