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Cut Copy for Celebrate Brooklyn

We had the opportunity recently to design a show poster for Cut Copy’s concert tonight in Prospect Park, which benefits Celebrate Brooklyn. It was a lot of fun to design a poster for a band we admire.

Cut Copy selected the design shown above, which is probably the most subtle of the five designs we submitted. Had time permitted, I would have loved to have done a screenprint of one of the more graphic designs. Perhaps for some other show!

I believe that the show is sold out, but if you were lucky enough to get tickets, and you like our poster, you can pick one up at the show. It is a limited edition of 250. The other designs we came up with are shown below.

The one above was my favorite design, although Sean thought it was too literal.

4 Responses to “Cut Copy for Celebrate Brooklyn”

  1. I love they all!! great job!!

  2. Thanks, Gema!

  3. LOVE THEM!!!! so cool ~ how big did it get printed?

  4. Thanks, Jean! :) It was printed at 12×18!