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Andrew Hem :: ‘Cold Water’ @ LeBasse Projects

Andrew Hem is just so talented. I wish that I were located in Culver City, CA, so that I could check out his new show, Cold Water, which is opening at LeBasse Projects on July 16th, from 7pm-10pm. The show will run from the 16th through August 13th, 2011.

In this highly anticipated solo project, Hem confronts the viewer with themes of isolation and personal conflict. After focusing his 2010 body of work on his Cambodian heritage and how different his life might have been should his family have stayed during the regime of the Khmer Rouge, Hem now moves forward with an even more introspective series of paintings.

The new paintings explore the feeling of isolation we get when removed from those close to us – and the ensuing personal darkness that follows. As the viewer progresses through the paintings we can see how Hem emerges from those dark places and finds the road back to happiness.

Hem states that the title ‘Cold Water’ is a reference to that feeling of ‘being surrounded by cold situations and places.’ Hem masterfully builds lush, yet cold, landscapes wherein his portraits longingly stare for someone to connect with. Filled with personal references, Hem’s paintings still create a canvas all should be able to find themselves in.

Have a great 4th of July, if you are celebrating. We’ll be taking Monday off, and will be back on Tuesday with posts.

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  1. Everybody can relate to this “cold water” isolation feelings! Nice title and so gorgeous artwork above..