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ICFF: D-Torso

I thought that the D-Torso booth was pretty fun. It featured life size animals, and a moving robot. A version of the giraffe is currently on display in a zoo in Japan. Other life size animals include an elephant, cow, horse, dolphin and a tortoise.

ICFF: Molo Design – Hobo Lantern

Molo launched the Hobo Lantern this year – a bag/light or “portable luminary inspired by urban nightlife”. The bag can be plugged in, or can be powered with batteries. It is lit with an energy-efficient LED light source that glows through a delicate pattern of translucent fibers.

Photos courtesy of molodesign.com.

Alexey Luka

by Alexey Luka

ICFF: Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon launched the amazing Etch light fixture – an acid etched pendant light inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, and etched from brass sheets. I love it, especially when it’s displayed in clusters!

ICFF: Data Furniture

Data Furniture’s fun Avanti lounging chair and ottoman, which can be ordered upholstered with a fabric foam, for comfort (just remove the sock monkeys!). I also loved the Otto bookcase, which is a highly flexible shelving system – it comes with 30 pre-drilled holes and six metal rods that allow you to create “bookends” wherever you want.

ICFF: Ply Project – Flex Chairs

Ply Project’s Flex Chairs were among the more innovative furniture designs we came across at ICFF this year. The surface of the furniture is made up of a flexible membrane with a laminated plywood exterior, becoming more like fabric than wood. It mounts to the chair frame with embedded magnets, so if you need to move or store the chair, just detach the plywood surface and roll it up! So clever!


Pretty light fixtures by LZF-Lamps. The Totem light and the Armadillo light.

Timothy Allen – Living Root Bridges

An amazing series of photos on Timothy Allen’s travel/photo blog. He must get to see some of the most amazing things as part of the Human Planet Series. This series of images is from his trip to the Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya, India.

NOHO Design District: The Future Perfect

The Noho Design District had some great exhibitions this year, including this one at The Future Perfect. The show featured work by Lindsey Adelman, Gabriela Artigas, Matt Gagnon, Lara Knutson, Rich Brilliant Willing, Donna Wilson, and more.

My absolute favorite from the show was Lara Knutson’s Reflective series – especially the pendant, which features an LED light that through an optical illusion look like a traditional incandescent lightbulb. The lampshade is made out of a reflective glass fabric that is made up of microscopic glass beads which magnify light 100 times. The effect is pretty amazing.

Lara used the same reflective material in a series of vases and jewelry, but it was hard to get photos that did the pieces justice.

Mark Moskovitz’s Log Facecord Cabinet.

Loved the three-dimensional appearance of Sylvain Willenz’s Slide Mirror.

Hang On, by Jade Barnes-Richardson for Normann Copenhagen. A coat rack made up of a jumble of coat hangers.

Rich Brilliant Willing’s Timberly Hall Rack – made of solid ash or walnut, with two steel, three aluminum and three brass movable pegs.

The Working Proof: Harry Diaz – Same Sun

One of the best things about running The Working Proof is being introduced to new artists. When Harry Diaz sent us a link to his portfolio, I was super stoked. His artwork is influenced by Mayan textiles and hieroglyphs, and incorporates an amazing amount of texture, layer, and color. The edition he made for us evolved from his memories of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Guatemala (where he is originally from), which were happy and celebratory events, despite the fact that dealing with the passing of loved ones is always a tough ordeal. Same Sun is about the forces of nature, life and death, and the afterlife.

This is a four-color screenprint on 140 lb Muscletone cover paper from French Paper. Each print was signed and numbered by the artist. 15% of each print sold will be donated to Teach For America. Read our interview with Harry here, and buy the print here.