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Gnome Sweeet Gnome – Whale Tissue Holders

How cute are these whale tissue holders by Gnome Sweeet Gnome?

Via Decor8.

Peter Atwood – Mini Brewdriver

A brewdriver is a screwdriver and a bottle opener. Peter Atwood makes short runs of pretty inventive small tools.

Nendo – Forest-Spoon

The Forest-Spoon! Nendo’s design for the Japan-wide curry chain restaurant Coco Ichibanya’s annual ‘Grandmother Curry’ campaign, in which 100,000 lucky customers win curry spoons through a lottery.

Spoons are a tool for eating, and our world is full of spoons designed for that function. In contrast, we wanted to make a spoon that would be fun to look at when it wasn’t in use. As part of this, we know that spoons are used on their own, but wanted to create a spoon design that would have a new charm when the spoons were brought together. When our spoon is lying on its own on a kitchen shelf, it looks like a single tree. But when you assemble a number of spoons, our design creates a ‘landscape’ in the home.

ilovedoodle – My Dino Kids T-shirt

It’s a dinosaur! Om nom nom nom. T-shirt design by ilovedoodle.

via ffffound

Hardgraft – Tilt iPad Case

Ooh la la, who wants to buy me this Tilt iPad Case by Hardgraft? So pretty! It rolls into an adjustable position for comfortable typing and web browsing and then folds back into a slim and lightweight protective cover when you’re on the go.

Unpacking The Nano – Cornell AAP

It’s hard to believe that you can sell a car for $2,200. But that’s just what Ratan Tata B. Arch(!) ’62 figured out how to do over the last few years. The exhibit at the Johnson Museum is an exploded view of the car itself, pulled apart into major component groups and arranged so that you can walk around and explore the normally compacted car. Read more in the Chronicle.

The Working Proof: Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch – Partition Refinement

Because Sean and I had our baby last week, we are slowing down the print releases over at The Working Proof for the next month, releasing a print every two weeks. Our regular weekly release schedule will resume on March 15th.

We’re pleased to launch Partition Refinement, by Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, an artist and illustrator living and working in New York City. The piece was originally painted in gouache on canvas. 15% of the sale of this print goes to Puppies Behind Bars.

Buy the print here, and read the interview with Maxwell here.

Skip Hop – Zoo Packs and Zoo Lunchies

The Zoo Packs (left) and Zoo Lunchies (right) by Skip Hop are so adorable. I can’t wait until we can send our little one out to school with one of these.

Afroditi – Icosi Chairs

I love the simplicity of these Icosi wireframe chairs by Afroditi. They don’t look so comfortable, but they sure are pretty!

Nike Pro Combat Vis-Deflex Shirt

I didn’t know that it was so rough on the court that you would need rib/kidney protection. The Nike Pro Combat Vis-Deflex Shirt features strategically placed areas of free-floating foam to protect against impacts from other players’ pointy elbows.