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Bosch – Power Box Advanced

I spend a lot of time at job sites checking up on things. When the super isn’t around, the crews are usually listening to music on a little radio with its knobs busted off and all sorts of things wrong with it. The Bosch Powerbox Advanced is the most high tech job radio I have ever seen. It’s designed to withstand a 10′ drop, has integrated battery chargers, GFI outlets, and plays mp3′s. If I had a mobile shop, I would want this in my truck. Except that it would certainly walk off a job site after a day or two.

2 Responses to “Bosch – Power Box Advanced”

  1. You are right about it disappearing off a job site. My husband said that he wouldn't buy one for that very fact. Very cool though.

  2. My cousin received something similar for his birthday recently its a tough little bugger it accidently dropped quite a way, off of his scaffolding about week after he got it and it didn't seem to cause it any damage. Brilliant idea. Weird Ben