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Sexy concrete clocks by 22designstudio.

Victorinox Tomo

The new Victorinox Tomo, designed by Abitax of Japan, is a departure from the standard oblong and rounded corner silhouette of the standard Swiss Army knife. A little less conspicuous because of the orthogonal shape, it would go along in any pocket or clipped on a keychain almost without anyone noticing.

Westerville – Universal Vertical Filing Rack

Living in 400 square feet, I’m all for space saving accessories. The Universal Vertical Filing Rack by Westerville is just that – a clever, simple way to store and organize all of that paper that accumulates over time.

Azorian : The Raising of The K-129

We just started watching Azorian: The Raising of The K-129 on Netflix instant. I had read about the CIA’s project before, but this documentary is bananas! It’s like Hunt for Red October but for real – stealing a Russian ballistic missle sub without the Russians knowing about it. I love the 3d models and animations of how the Glomar Explorer and Capture Vehicle. If you don’t know anything about the story, go watch the film!

Claire Cole – Embroidered Wallpapers

Claire Cole’s couture embroidered wallpapers are works of art in and of themselves (my favorite is the Paris wallpaper). Fragments of hand-sourced vintage wallpapers are layered and intricately embroidered with silks and leather to create a range of patterns and scenes. Awesome!

Dead Island Trailer

Whoah. Dead Island trailer is a mix of JJ Abrams and zombies. Can’t wait to see what the actual game is like, hopefully more than just axing zombies to bits.

Vitamin – Drink Bottle Opener

Love these cute and funny Drink Bottle Openers by Vitamin

Osiris – Caswell VLC

Simple skateable Caswell VLC by Osiris.

BIG Architects – Vilhelmsro Primary School

The Vilhelmsro Primary School, by BIG Architects, is such a beautiful project. Located in Asminderoed, Denmark, the project is still in the design development phase, and features a series of undulating strips that create a dynamic topography. Light filters into the buildings through the exposed peaks in each strip, and green roofs on each strip integrate the building into the landscape. I can’t wait until this is actually a built work.

The undulating roof, as experienced from inside the school. See more photos and drawings at Designboom.

Clio Chang – Shedding

Shedding by Clio Chiang.