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Brevity – Beecomb necklace

Hey look! It’s a new necklace for Brevity’s Geometric Collection – the Beecomb necklace.

Because I love you (and because it’s almost Valentine’s Day), I’m offering 15% off of all orders $45 and up, through 11:59pm, Friday, February 4th. Use the code LOVE2011 in the voucher section when checking out. Orders will ship Monday, February 7th. This offer is valid for international shipments as well, although I can’t guarantee that you will receive your order before Valentine’s Day. Wishing you a happy and love-filled 2011!

PS – We’re one week away from our due date! Baby girl is coming soon!

Tamanohada Welcome Soap

The Cooper Hewitt Shop has a cool bar of soap by Tamanohada. It’s a good luck fish that is meant as a gift or a greeting. I like the translucent color and how the rope comes out of the mouth of the fish.

Patrick Norguet – Makil Stackable Chair

Recently debuted at Maison & Objet, Patrick Norguet’s Makil stackable chair is sleek and lovely! I love the simplicity of the lines and material.

Via Design Milk.

Chocolate – Fighter Jet Series

New Fighter Jet Series from Chocolate. I love the silhouettes of the F-4 Phantom and the F-14 Tomcat. Too bad they’re both retired.

Alice Dufay

Nice new tote bag by Alice Dufay.

Studio MK27 – Micasa Volume B

We used to have these jokes in school about our friends’ projects being ‘mad brutalist’. But the Micasa Vol. B in Sao Paolo by Studio MK27 is kinda brutalist but also incredibly beautiful. I really like the low header on the opening facing the courtyard, it gives the concrete overhead a massive presence, while the high interiors are smooth and seemingly infinite, thanks to the cove and wall-wash lighting.

via We Heart

Rheanna Lingham – Knot Necklace

How beautiful is this Knot Necklace by Rheanna Lingham? I can’t tell for sure from the photo, but I think that the knot is made from metal rather than rope. I kind of wish it were actually made from rope, but this is lovely, too!

Wesley Eggersbrecht

Nice illustration by Wesley Eggersbrecht. Ice cream truck dudes are pretty scary.

The Working Proof: Frances Pelzman Liscio – Yellow Roses/Milkweed

This is our second edition with Frances Pelzman LiscioYellow Roses/Milkweed, a print that incorporates a distinctly Victorian sensibility of delicacy, of heartfelt love, of sincerity and of warmth.

The yellow roses both reveal their magic and conceal it at the same time. The small ‘heart’ in the middle is actually created from the two sections of a milkweed pod. The curved piece of broadleaf plantain seed stalk reminds me of the woven hair wands that Victorians would make in mourning from the hair of a departed loved one, while the fresh sweetness of the African violets is optimistic and bright. This image also incorporates the green textured ‘seedballs’ of the Pond cypress that grows at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Upper Montclair, NJ. They resemble little golf balls. They fit together like a brilliant puzzle, until they ripen and then the entire seed ball comes apart when you touch it. There are also brown dried seed clusters from the wild onions that grow unchecked in the creek bed at the iris garden, and I know they are weeds – they are just magnificent when they are four feet tall and top heavy with bulbils. I pulled those little yellow and red “cushions” off of some cactii – they are prickly but the colors are so delicious that I used them throughout the composition.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, right? 15% of the sale of this print goes to Puppies Behind Bars. Read our latest interview with Frances here, and buy the print here.

Pattern and Shape – The Strange Attractor

Pattern & Shape is a collaborative project from The Strange Attractor. Above are the shirts by Steve Rura and Andrio Abero (right). The shirts are super clean and I hope they make more.