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Merry Christmas!

Hello, friends! Another year, come and gone! We’ve got family arriving today, so we’ll be signing off early this week, and are taking next week off for the holiday. We’ll be back in this space on Monday, January 2nd, 2012(!). Thanks so much for reading this year, and for keeping us posted on your awesome projects. Have a wonderful and safe holiday week!

PS. The awesome ornament above is one half of The Earth & The Heaven 1551 globes. I bought it off of Fab.com and love it!

Hidden Radio

The HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker is pretty sweet – it’s sleek and small, the way I like my speakers.

The HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker is based off minimal, timeless design and user intuition. When asleep it hides all its functions, being silent and unanimated. To turn it on you simply twist and lift the cap; the further you lift the cap the more internal volume is created and will amplify to over 80dB of crystal clear sound. This unique design connects and captivates the user through its intuitive functionality.

I was going to tell you to support their Kickstarter campaign, but it doesn’t look like you need to, since it is waaaaaaaay overfunded (awesome)!

Ben Broyde – Orlogin

I love this – Ben Broyde’s Orlogin is one half transformer and one half crazy Lego tower. He starts with several painted wood base shapes, and then begins to chop up and carve into the base shapes, revealing the wood beneath and constructing the clock.

Via Designboom. I can’t seem to find a link to the designer’s website – if you find one, please let me know!

The Working Proof: Jenny Kim – Coffee Deer

New print release! Our last of the year! Jenny Kim created this beautiful print out of charcoal and abstract coffee-colored washes. Now that New York City finally feels like winter, Coffee Deer feels like the perfect print release, with the barren landscape and the quiet dignity of the deer. I love the contrast between the abstracted ground, and the detail of the deer.

Jenny chose to pair her print with Puppies Behind Bars.

I’ve always had a soft spot for dogs, especially service dogs. I see great value in training dogs for the disabled or explosive detection canines for law enforcement, and also in the contribution these dogs make to those people in need of their service, love, and companionship.

Read our interview with Jenny here, and buy the print here. We will be back on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012, with a new print edition. Enjoy the holiday and thank you for all of your support of The Working Proof in 2011!


The KeepCup is a great way to get rid of your disposable coffee cup. With a customizable lid, cup, plug and band, you can create your own design combination…

The F³ Folio™ for the iPad

The F³ Folio™ is a nice iPad case made out of raw wood veneers, allowing you to protect, carry and use your iPad, all at the same time. I love the pop of color on the inside of the case. The case can also be modified for businesses to accommodate a credit card reader for point of sale transactions.

Tinder and Sparks

Check out these pretty prints by Tinder and Sparks.

My apologies for the lack of posting yesterday – it’s been one of those weeks. Happy Friday!

Andrew Varah – The Umbrella Man Wardrobe

This Umbrella Man Wardrobe by Andrew Varah isn’t for everyone, but in the right setting it would be amazing! I love the graphic exterior, which can be customized as desired.

This design was possible because, unlike a wardrobe which has to hold a large number of items, this is essentially a hall cabinet, just for outdoor clothing. Because of this I realised the coat hanger can face you, rather than be on its edge. If it faced you, then why not have the top of the cabinet in the shape of a cost hanger/? If you did that, why not inlay a coat hanger on the front? If you did that, why not have clothing on the coat hanger, and so on. This is what inspired the design.

The Working Proof: Gemma Correll – Have You Hugged Your Cat Today?

New print release! This one is for all of the animal lovers out there. Gemma Correll is well-known for her sweet and humorous illustrations of life and animals.

I guess the idea behind Have You Hugged Your Cat Today? is fairly self-explanatory. I don’t have a cat myself – I have a pug, which is kind of like a cat except that he’s actually a dog – but I find that a hug from a small animal (cat, dog – not so much a rattlesnake or a plague-carrying rat) cures pretty much any ill.

15% of each print sold will be donated to the Pablove Foundation. Read our interview with Gemma here, and buy the print here.

Process: The initial drawing from Gemma’s sketchbook.

I saw a window ad for the PUMAGILITY sneakers yesterday while walking around. I can’t tell if they are actually comfortable or not, but the diamond shaped wrap of the midsole looks pretty interesting. They are supposed to expand laterally on impact in order to provide a more stable base for your foot when you plant it.