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The Working Proof: Ana Ventura – I’m Fertile

I’m Fertile is a lovely new letterpress print by Ana Ventura, a Portuguese illustrator whose work centers around the natural and the human. I’m Fertile is about love: the different kinds of love that we can have for the people around us, and especially about how big the space for love inside of us can be. Ana chose to pair her print with RestoreNYC, which I think is an especially fitting artist/charity pair. RestoreNYC is a New York City non-profit that provides holistic long-term aftercare services for international survivors of sex trafficking in NYC.

This is a two-color letterpress print on 100 gsm Crane’s Lettra paper. The artist’s name has been letterpressed into the prints, and each print was numbered by The Working Proof. It was printed by Pistachio Press of Ladies of Letterpress, a collective of women letterpress printers.

Buy the print here, and read our interview with Ana here.

Abara & Lebbeus Woods?

My brother recommended I check out Abara, a manga series from 2005-2006. It’s got some pretty nice future-distopia images in it, a few are a la Lebbeus Woods. In the story, people live in infinitely tall buildings, constantly being built and rebuilt atop one another. I wonder if he influenced Tsutomu Nihei’s work at all?

You can read Abara either online or via an iPad reader like Mangashelf.

Lovisa Wattman – Concrete Shaving Kit

I wish I was a man so that I could use this Concrete Shaving Kit by Lovisa Wattman. The kit includes a shaving dish made from soft concrete, shaving soap, and a traditional beech brush with badger hair bristles. Each individual bundle of bristles are bound to hardwood handles just like they were made in the 19th century.

Via Ian Claridge.

Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Collection 2010

Always good to help a good cause – Doernbecher Freestyle Collection 2010.

Karl Zahn – Animal Boxes

Eeks! Super cute Animal Boxes by Karl Zahn


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, so we will be taking a break from posting, but will be back on Monday. To all celebrating, enjoy the holiday weekend!

Crafting A Meaningful Home

We are stoked that our concrete vases process got to be featured in the trailer for Crafting A Meaningful Home that Meg Mateo Ilasco put together a trailer with photog/videographer Thayer Gowdy. Check out the trailer and the other projects, and get your copy of the book at Amazon.

The Working Proof: Patrick Hruby – The West Wind

The West Wind is a new print by Patrick Hruby that was inspired by a story his mom read to him when he was a child about the four winds talking to one another. Patrick always daydreamed about what each of the winds might look like and what they would say, and this print illustrates what he imagined the West Wind to look like. 15% of each print sold will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that Patrick feels represents what it really means to be human in the best sense of the word – that we put our love for our fellow human being above our allegiance to a country.

Also, The West Wind is featured in Readymade’s December/January issue, on stands now, in their Shop to It feature! Hope you can check it out!

Buy the print here, and read our interview with Patrick here.

Sergio Toppi

Beyond incredible illustrations by Sergio Toppi.

Via Caprichos de Comic.

We Make Carpets – Fork and Pasta Carpets

How crazy are these “carpets” from designers Marcia Nolte and Stijn Van der Vleuten and artist Bob Waardenburg, of We Make Carpets? Above is the Fork Carpet, and below is the Pasta Carpet. I don’t even want to think about how much time it took to put these together.

Via Designboom.

The Big Picture – Nat Geo 2010 Photo Contest

Nat Geo Photo Contest 2010 is on again. The Big Picture has a few of this year’s contenders on display. I always love seeing photos of huge storms and the raw power of nature. Photographers for the above are Sean Heavy and Jay Fine.