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Jim LePage – Word

My mom sent me this link, and I thought it was pretty cool – in a project called Word, Jim LePage is illustrating all of the books of the Bible.

“Basically, Word is a series where I create original designs for each book of the Bible. Before each design, I spend time researching the book, finding out the themes, historical context, weirdest stories, etc. I also scan through parts of the book looking for a passage or story that could translate into a cool design. Each design isn’t meant to completely represent the book, rather it is merely based on a passage from the book.”

It’s an ongoing project, and so far Jim has a little over 30 illustrations done. I look forward to seeing the full set some day.

1 Response to “Jim LePage – Word”

  1. wow, this is a great, fresh way of looking some of passages from the Bible!!