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The Working Proof: Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir – Disguise

I was immediately smitten when I saw this print – Disguise, by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir. The original artwork was a collage made after Ingibjörg had watched too much of Poirot, a British television show about a Belgian detective in the 1920s. Disguise is just a little thought about appearances and identity.

15% of each print sold will be donated to Doctors without Borders. Read our interview with Ingibjörg here, and buy the print here.

Childrens Library – Little Lucy and Little Helen

I came across the Children’s Library while doing some image searching for a project. They have thousands of new and old childrens books scanned for reading online. The most interesting ones are the oldest ones like Little Lucy, or, The Pleasant Day: An Example for Little Girls and Little Helen, or, A Day In The Life of A Naughty Girl. The site features covers and interiors from books from nearly every language. So check it out see something new.

Aurelien Barbry Wine Stoppers and Pourers

Image via Notcot.

These new cork wine stoppers and pourers by Aurelien Barbry for Norman Copenhagen are super nice! The wine stoppers are a sculptural play on the traditional wine cork (they look like little mushrooms!), and the wine pourer looks like a cork stopper, but then pulls apart to reveal the metal pourer…

Via Notcot.

Fold – United Nude

Cool texture and color on the Fold, by United Nude.

Jim LePage – Word

My mom sent me this link, and I thought it was pretty cool – in a project called Word, Jim LePage is illustrating all of the books of the Bible.

“Basically, Word is a series where I create original designs for each book of the Bible. Before each design, I spend time researching the book, finding out the themes, historical context, weirdest stories, etc. I also scan through parts of the book looking for a passage or story that could translate into a cool design. Each design isn’t meant to completely represent the book, rather it is merely based on a passage from the book.”

It’s an ongoing project, and so far Jim has a little over 30 illustrations done. I look forward to seeing the full set some day.

Cee Lo’s New Video

Cee Lo Green’s new song and video are a thing of genius. A simple premise, a shared sentiment, and a clear video express what surely we’ve all thought at one point or another. And apparently, there is a clean version? Anna may yell at me for sharing this one, but hey, everyone’s been there. And now there’s a catchy song to go along with it!

Casey Roberts – Colossal Gash

I really like this print by Casey RobertsColossal Gash. The woodpecker, the graffiti in the base of the tree, the gash…Prints at Tiny Showcase sell out quickly, so if you like it – go get it now!

1010 – Caran D’Ache

I don’t even want to find out how much the 1010 from Caran D’Ache costs. The pen takes its design cues from the traditions of swiss watch making, but unfortunately doesn’t have moving internal mechanisms.

Bizarre Coin Designs

A reader sent us a link to an article cataloging 25 bizarre coin designs from around the world…some of the coins are just plain tacky, but some of them have interesting designs. My favorites were a Togolese coin featuring a prismatic sunbird, and an Egyptian Pyramid coin from the Isle of Man. Ridiculous coins? Somalia’s expensive motorbikes coin and their animal kingdom coin series, and a scratch and sniff ocean-scented coin from Palau. All of the coins featured are special editions that aren’t meant for circulation, although they are considered legal tender.

The Low Tempos – Guy Burwell

Some cool illustrations by Guy Burwell for Low Magazine. I love the overprint colors. The magazine is in German, so I have no idea what it’s actually about.

via OMG Posters