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Brain Farm – The Creators Project

Just watch this video by Brain Farm from the Creators Project, and simply be awed. Using some pretty heavy tech, Brain Farm is able to capture the most incredible vignettes.

via Gizmodo

Wannekes Flatware

Wannekes carries some pretty awesome flatware. I love the simplified forms of the Cinque stelle Cheese knife set by Ettore Sottsass (top left). Also in the same language are the Accento flatware and serving pieces by Konstantin Grcic (top right).

My favorite set, though, are the wire frame Certamente salad servers by Konstantin Grcic. Love that he has essentially created a serving set out of bent wire – they call it “metal origami”. Lovely!

Minox CLX

I’ve been reading a lot of spy novels lately. I recently checked out Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytech’s from Communism to Al Qaeda from the library and am excited to dig into it. It got me thinking about one of the classic spy gadgets that is actually commercially available: the Minox. The CLX is the special edition of the TLX. So if you ever want to snap some incriminating documents, best do it with some James Bond steez and use the CLX instead of a crappy digicam.

Bas & Daan – KNVB Supporter Shirt

Okay, so this is kind of silly, but it’s also clever. Bas & Daan designed the KNVB Supporter Shirt in support of the Dutch football federation for the 2010 World Cup. From the website:

A lot of football players celebrate by pulling the shirt over their heads. On the inside of our supporter shirt, we printed the heads of the 3 most popular players of the Dutch national football team. So now, when the Dutch team scores you can pull your shirt over your head and become a legend!

Via Designboom.

Gravis – Contra EXP

I have always liked the stuff that comes out of the Gravis. The Contra EXP top-loading rucksack has that old-school canvas fabric and forrest green accents. Reminds me of an old Carhart jacket.

James Gulliver Hancock

I really like these fun portraits of men on the subway by James Gulliver Hancock.

All Hail Megatron – Trevor Hutchison

I love these covers by Trevor Hutchison for All Hail Megatron. Great re-imagining of propaganda-ish posters. And who better to be the dictator of choice than Megratron himself?

See more of Trevor at his portfolio and his blog.

The Working Proof: Amaranta Martinez – Birdies

Love this letterpress print by Amaranta Martinez, aka Piktorama. Amaranta loves birds, patterns, and textures, and the print, Birdies, is a perfect combination of all of these things. The textures are especially great in letterpress.

15% of each print sold is donated to the Kids In Need Foundation. Amaranta is about to become a mom to twins(!) and believes that the KINF’s work is important in that it provides educational supplies to kids in need. To date, over 1.6 million students have been served by KINF. Buy the print here, and read our interview with Amaranta here.

Petzl EXO Self-Rescue System

We went climbing this past weekend and I wanted to peek around at gear that’s out there and came across the Petzl EXO self-rescue system. The video below explains how it works. Developed with the FDNY, Petzl adapted their climbing and workman tech with the high-temperature and ease-of-deployment requirements of firefighters. The result is a neat kit of parts that will save a firefighter’s life.