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David Stephenson – Heavenly Vaults

This book looks amazing. Heavenly Vaults: From Romanesque to Gothic in European Architecture, by the photographer David Stephenson, catalogs the domes of eighty different cathedrals built between the 12th and 16th centuries in Europe. The domes are almost abstract in their structure and pattern, becoming something more transient and emotional.

Via Designboom.

6 Responses to “David Stephenson – Heavenly Vaults”

  1. wow, these are really beautiful!

  2. In my travels throughout Europe, I inevitably would come away with sore neck muscles from looking upward….exactly where the architects thought we should be looking…God! Spectacular photographs….Pam

  3. Gorgeous and magnificent!

  4. Extrordinary photographic material exposing the splendour and monumentality of early European architecture from a different perspective and angle.

  5. These are just awe-inspiring. Brought me back to the summer I spent in England, France and Italy. Yes, the sore neck muscles too. They are just breathtaking. Made me think of "Pillars of the Earth" and all those masons laboring over the stones for ages. Love the symmetry!

  6. Nice Architecture