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Chris Rucker

Chris Rucker works with low-cost materials to create sophisticated pieces of furniture:

I developed a fascination with distressed materials surveying furniture abandoned curbside near my studio in Brooklyn. The swollen press-board and peeling laminate spoke a language of everyday use, disposable fabrication methods, and cheap material slavishly imitating fine furnishings.

The revealed fakery inspired me to consider alternative materials. I tested the physical limitations of strand-board, a cheap construction sheathing, solving difficult problems of fabrication and design while working to expose the material itself as a major component of the work’s aesthetic.

Incorporating plastic laminates, materials designed specifically to imitate, initiated a dialogue with strand-board that brought these experiments to full fruition. The work herein fuses quality construction methods with inexpensive and unorthodox materials conceptually yielding an answer to those original discarded and decaying remnants.

2 Responses to “Chris Rucker”

  1. this is amazing!

  2. Talking about environmental sustainability! This design proves that materials that have low reusable value can appear modern and chic.