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The Gulf Restoration Network Fundraiser

Meighan of my love for you is a stampede of horses organized a fundraiser dedicated to helping with the clean up the Gulf after BP’s drilling catastrophe. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Gulf Restoration Network. We were super happy to be a part of the fundraiser, along with 100 other artists who donated work. Everything is available in ML4U’s Big Cartel Shop which is open through July 5th at 12pm, PST. A lot of the work has sold already (yay!) but there are still some great pieces available.

Some of my favorites (not all of which are still available): Castle Trouble by Alex McLeod (above), Red Shell by Shannon Rankin, The Guide by Stacey Rozich, Blue House by Amy Casey, and Mean Bird Print (Pigeon) by Amy Ruppel.

Chris Rucker

Chris Rucker works with low-cost materials to create sophisticated pieces of furniture:

I developed a fascination with distressed materials surveying furniture abandoned curbside near my studio in Brooklyn. The swollen press-board and peeling laminate spoke a language of everyday use, disposable fabrication methods, and cheap material slavishly imitating fine furnishings.

The revealed fakery inspired me to consider alternative materials. I tested the physical limitations of strand-board, a cheap construction sheathing, solving difficult problems of fabrication and design while working to expose the material itself as a major component of the work’s aesthetic.

Incorporating plastic laminates, materials designed specifically to imitate, initiated a dialogue with strand-board that brought these experiments to full fruition. The work herein fuses quality construction methods with inexpensive and unorthodox materials conceptually yielding an answer to those original discarded and decaying remnants.

Fiona Banner

The images from the Fiona Banner installation at the Tate Britain are mesmerizing. It opened yesterday. If in London, go check it out!

from the exhibit:

“I remember long sublime walks in the Welsh mountains with my father, when suddenly a fighter plane would rip through the sky, and shatter everything. It was so exciting, loud and overwhelming; it would literally take our breath away. The sound would arrive from nowhere, all you would see was a shadow and then the plane was gone.

At the time harrier jump jets were at the cutting edge of technology but to me they were like dinosaurs, prehistoric, from a time before words.”
-Fiona Banner

via BDIF

The Working Proof: Emily Dumas – Jam Session

Jam Session is a new archival inkjet print by Emily Dumas, a graphic designer and illustrator also known as Flowers in May. Emily has designed a series of prints featuring graphic compilations of objects around a theme (Paris, lazy Sundays, Alice in Wonderland), so we were super excited when she illustrated Jam Sessionn around musical instruments, and decided to pair her print with Little Kids Rock. As always, 15% of each print sold will be donated to Little Kids Rock, an organization that is dedicated to bringing free musical instruments and music instruction to underserved schools across the country.

Buy the print here, and read our interview with Emily here.

eS – Duran

It’s about that time for new fall sneaker releases. The Duran from eS caught my eye. It’s got a modern oxford/boat kinda style to it. I like the hidden stitching for the toe cap.

Partners & Spade – Umbrella

I love this umbrella by Partners & Spade – its made from fabric found in India – not sure how well it functions as an umbrella, but it’s beautiful!

Paul Loebach – Gradient Table

The Gradient Table by Paul Loebach is pretty cool – it seems both haphazard and ordered all at the same time, with randomly-placed slats on the side juxtaposed with slowly graduating hues of color.

Wanderlust Prints

These prints by Wanderlust are pretty cool – each print features one of the seven continents, printed on paper sourced from sustainable mills. The best part about these prints is that 50% of each one sold is being donated to Oxfam and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Stanley Outdoor Containers

Thinking about camping/backpacking/treks around town and I took a peek at Stanley, who expanded their tools line into outdoor stuff too. Left to right are the stainless steel 32 oz. bottle, vaccuum food jar, and mug w/ clip handle. Nice simple silhouettes, straight-forward colors and sturdiness to last a good long time. Probably not for ultralight fanatics, but not everyone cares about cutting the ends off their toothbrushes.

Kuma Pillows

Pretty and colorful pillows by Ross Menuez. The pillows are all screenprinted on organic cotton canvas cover.