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Rob Southcott – Totem Cups

We always stack our tea cups/glasses (who doesn’t?), so I love that Rob Southcott took the idea of stacking and turned it into a design feature for his Totem Cups.

PS – Maybe I’m being nit-picky, but it always bugs me when a shop doesn’t credit the designer. I had to google Totem Cups to find out who had done these.

3 Responses to “Rob Southcott – Totem Cups”

  1. makes me want glass cabinet doors in my kitchen…

  2. Amazing idea!! I love the simplicity in white and the power of the designs!!

  3. I have seen Onur Cobanli's Totem inspired stools, several months ago ( http://www.omcdesign.com/?design=937&type=Indoor+Seating+System ) and this one really reminded me of that, however I sincerely like the execution of the idea here.