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NYPL – Pictures of Science: 700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration

I’ve posted image links from the NYPL before. The digital collection is always a great source of graphic inspiration. Like these Chemistry Equipment Catalogs. See more in the Pictures of Science: 700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration.

Ana Kraš

I really like Ana Kraš’ BonBon lamps which are made from colorful strings that have been manually knitted over steel wire shapes.

Also an interesting project – the M Lamp (below), which was inspired by a friend that always put her dresses and scarves on a floor lamp in order to achieve a softer, nicer light. The M Lamp has no lamp shade, it is just a wire frame which you dress up yourself with a shirt, dress, scarf, or piece of fabric. If you are in Milan, you can check it out yourself at the Salone Satellite from the 14-19th of April.

The Secret Behind Nike Air

Ever wondered how Nike gets the air for their famous air bags? They got P-Rod in there, but where is Koston?

Sam Caldwell

Love the illustration style of Sam Caldwell. There is something very quiet and unassuming about his work.

Ivanka – Living Covering

IVANKA is debuting their ‘Living Covering’ project at the SaloneSatellite. Inspired by both the city grid and the moss that finds its way through the concrete, Living Covering is a decorative modular slab with premade niches for moss to grow within. It’s a pretty way to add interest to a facade. This project actually reminds me of Anna Garforth’s Sporeborne project, where she uses moss to create graffiti on walls.

Follow the Leader – Louise Norman

Louise Norman submitted this drawing to our Follow the Leader project – I love the bright colors of all of the different vegetables…We’d love to get some more drawings – please check out the project if you are interested!

Nervous System – Xylem

Nervous System came out with a new jewelry line a little while ago – Xylem. The designs are less abstract than most of their previous lines, being based on the process of vein formation in leaves.

The process behind the Xylem design:

“While scientists are not certain why venation patterns form the way they do, the leading hypothesis is that transport of the plant hormone auxin is the driving force. Auxin is produced in the growing portion of the leaf. As it is transported from cell to cell, a positive feedback mechanism ensures that it is more likely to flow where it has flowed before, like water progressively digging a trench in soil to form a channel.

Xylem takes this method of growth and tests its boundaries, changes its context. We both show the breadth of possible patterning and create impossible, unnatural forms combining the geometric and the organic.”

Furze Chan – Paper Puppets

I love these paper puppets by Furze Chan. So fun! Furze also makes some really gorgeous prints – well worth checking out!

Via Oh Joy!

The Working Proof: Lauren Gentry – The Bear Trap

We discovered Lauren Gentry through our Follow the Leader project. I loved the pen and ink illustrations she submitted to us, and so we asked her if she would be interested in making a print for The Working Proof. Fast forward to today – we’ve just released The Bear Trap – a two color screenprint on 160 gsm, nutmeg, acid-free paper.

The print began as a simple sketch of a treehouse. As Lauren added more detail, the drawing took on a narrative of its own. It is the dark depiction of a hunter using fresh bait as a means of catching bears for their meat and fur. Lauren chose to pair her print with Farm Sanctuary, because The Bear Trap suggests a theme of animal cruelty and taunting, which is what Farm Sanctuary is working to change.

Lauren is an illustration student currently studying at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, Scotland. Buy the print here, and read our interview with Lauren here.

Olson Kundig Architects – Outpost

I spent a few years of my childhood in Idaho, and I’ve grown to admire the very rugged beauty of the landscape. Olson Kundig Architects completed the Outpost in 2007, a residence and an artist’s studio. Located in the desert landscape of central Idaho, the concrete exterior provides a backdrop for the browns, yellows and reds of the desert. The interior was designed to bring the sweeping panoramas of the outside in.

Via Designboom.